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News from Scotland and the North of England by our Northern correspondent, James MacGregor.

To read stories from before March 2001, visit the northern exposure archive

If you have a related story, scoop or article, please email him at

7th December 2001
Channel 4 Gives Regional Production Boost >>>
o Scots A-Listers Hunted for Brookmyre Film >>>
o Documenting This Scotland 2002 >>>
o Movies of a Century Ago >>>
o Creative Scots Are Clubbing it Convergently >>>
o New Music Scheme to Burst Talent Dam >>>
o Harry Potter Locations Restricted by Studio >>>
o Viewer Response to Malcolm Roughhead - VisitScotland >>>
o Stars Flock to Hitch in the Highlands >>>
o Nessie Film Doubts Surface >>>

30th November 2001
£200k Boost for Scotdocs >>>
o £5m Backing for Ideal World >>>
o Production Companies Gain FC Development Funds >>>
o Scotland's Latest Newsreader is Virtually Tireless >>>
o Virtual Stars Get Talent Agency >>>
o GMAC Gets Interactive >>>
o New Media Networks Conference >>>
o The First Picture Show >>>
o First Flickering Images of a Nation >>>
o Film That Put Nessie in the Loch Rediscovered >>>
o Shortlist for Tartan Shorts Announced >>>
o Radio Show Raises Hard Case Row >>>

23rd November 2001
Scottish Serial Killer Project Boarded by Gibson's Icon >>>
o The 51st State Premieres in Liverpool >>>
o Scottish Screen Archive Celebrates 25 Years >>>
o Little Criminals Reveals Grim Reality of Stolen Lives >>>
o Courtesan's Auld Alliance Evoke Fresh Scandal >>>
o Projector to Throw Strong Light on Animation >>>
o Black Hawk Down Gets Early UK Release >>>
o Kinder Soaprise >>>
o Bright Future Predicted for Porsche Video Visionary >>>

16th November 2001
Executive Puts New Film Studio to Tender >>>
o TV Hit for Stroyland >>>
o McGregor Tipped for Bawdy Bawd Double >>>
o New Found Land Shortlist Announced >>>
o Digital Filmmakers in Animation Mesh >>>
o ALT:W - New Digital Media Fund >>>
o GMAC Building Up for New Media >>>
o Grierson Awards Expandes >>>
o Ecosse New Year Resolution >>>
o Red's Sedond Coming - in Manchester >>>
o French Film Festival Celebrates 10 Years >>>
o Coltrane's A Cracker Bewitching Hollywood >>>
o Potter Northern Magic Roundabout >>>

9th November 2001
Capital Joy as Harry Potter Comes Home >>>
o Jones Swaps Hollywood for Downtown Carlisle >>>
o Braveheart in Scots Film 'Comeback' >>>
o Sam Jackson Premieres Liverpool Drugs Drama in his Kilt >>>
o Manchester Film Scoops Awards at Kino >>>
o Regus London Film Festival Tours Bradford >>>
o Dog Soldiers to Open on 200 UK Screens >>>
o 3 Bears Wins Commercials Award >>>
o Media 2 Sources Makes Northern Comeback >>>

2nd November 2001
EIFF 2002 to be 'Shorter but Sweeter' >>>
o Irvine Welsh Moves into Production >>>
o Scotland's TV Output Under MP's Scrutiny >>>
o Rhetorical Finds a Voice in US >>>
o Scott's Black Hawk Moves Up Into Oscar Consideration >>>
o Cameo's Jim Pool Entry Call >>>
o New Found Tartan Shortlists Imminent >>>
o Lost Burns Film Back on Screen After 64 Years >>>
o Scottish Students on Screen 2002 >>>

26th October 2001
Government Rebuffs TV Company Aid Call >>>
o McNaught Leaves The Street >>>
o Pioneer BBC2 Film to Shoot in Cumbrian Nick >>>
o Manx Brothers Can Put Scots Firmly in the Picture >>>
o New Cinema Stings Northern Production into Action >>>
o Strictly Sinatra Premiere >>>
o Conti to Voice Andy Pandy >>>
o Screen Giant Opens it's Doors >>>
o Splat! The Intrepid Hedgehog Springs to Life >>>
o Dogma TV Writers Needed >>>

19th October 2001
Duvall Opens With Shot at Glory >>>
o Churches in Terrorist Film Controversy >>>
o Capital Potter Premiere >>>
o A Good Shot at Glory >>>
o Blanchett Scottish Epic Set for Oscars? >>>
o Shetland Film Shoot to Boost Island Trade >>>
o Wark Clements Gain Scottish Double >>>

5th October 2001
US TV Bosses Pull Plug on Scottish Deal >>>
o Braveheart Theme Park Makes Highland Studio Viable >>>
o Scot's Reels of Glory >>>
o Ricky Tomlinson's Nice Little Sideline >>>

28th September 2001
Scottish TV Channel Just the Business >>>
o Film Enigma: Dougray Scott >>>
o Nations & Regions Consider Shifting Sands >>>
o The Cranhill Hobbit >>>
o Ex-POWs Welcome Glasgow Film Plans >>>
o From Soap To Insanity >>>
o Mystery Adds Scottish Spice To Bollywood Latest >>>
o Church Anger at Gay Wedding Film Plan >>>
o Ricky's Front Man >>>
o City News bid to Turn on Viewers >>>

21st September 2001
Hitchcock Classic Remake Goes Walkabout Downunder >>>
£250m Scottish Studio Plan Unveiled for Perth >>>
o Ewan Grouses About Funding Snub...he's too famous >>>
o Gas Attack Film Under Terrorism Review >>>
o Virtual Sets Get £200k From Scottish Executive >>>
o Shorts Take on Monthly Cameo Role >>>
o The Good Ship Hope Heads for Amazonia >>>
o Found: Movie Debut of the Bruce >>>
o Netribution's Guide to Scots in Celluloid >>>
o McGregor's Girl >>>
o Tyne Quays Film Fest Inaugurates New Indie Cinema Club >>>
o Spotlight Falls on LIver-wood >>>
o North Western Exposures Deadline Approaches >>>

7th September 2001
Scottish Screen Chief Pledges Push for New Studio >>>
o McGregor Denies Trainspotting Sequel >>>
"Good to Talk" to Bairns TV Ad launch >>>
o ONE NorthEast Invests in Film & Media >>>
o Northern Film Funding >>>
"A Shot at Glory" Debuts McCoist >>>
o Daddy's Girl Wins Again >>>

30th August 2001
New Chief for Scottish Screen >>>
o Gas Attack Takes Edinburgh by Storm >>>
o Producer's Gas Attack on Press >>>
o Baby Blues Not so Blue for Owen >>>
o Tattoo is Runner-Up Short at Edinburgh >>>
o Edinburgh laments Too Much TV >>>
o A Franke Last Word From Lizzie >>>
o Wicker Man Goes Transatlantic >>>
o Boyle Calls for More Out-Of-Town Funding >>>
Bid to Shoot Britain's Remotest Movie >>>
o Free Skills Workshop in Edinburgh >>>
o Galloway Video Challenge >>>
o Highland Games Eclipsed by Hollywood Star Spectators >>>
Ben Lomond Too Tough fot TV's SAS Candidates >>>

17th August 2001
o A Star Among Film Festivals >>>
Scottish Screen Appoint Interim Chief Executive >>>
Fallen Archer's Blood on Board Room Carpet >>>
o Funding Hitch Hits McGregor's New Film >>>
Ecosse to Expand >>>
McGregor Rejects Hollywood >>>
o Short Film Factory Hunts This Year's Talent >>>
o Short & Hopefully Sweet >>>
o Gas Attack >>>
o Gas Film Risks Being Blown of Screen >>>
o Roll on More Local Heroes >>>
o Among the Doc's a Chicken Emerges as Star >>>
o Tyneside Hubbubbers Branch Out in Film Society >>>
o Love Song in Twelve Day Wrap >>>
o Stars Cars in Tourist Boost for Scotland >>>
o Ayrshire Film Locus in Clear Focus >>>

10th August 2001
Scottish Screen's Major Edinburgh Presence >>>
G-MAC Kicks Off Digital Shorts >>>
Future Beeb Unveiling at Edinburgh >>>
o Skills Shortages Identified in Survey >>>
Cineworks 2002 Commissions Announced >>>
BBC Writers' Q&A at EIFF 2001 >>>
o Cabbies Hit on Taxi Road to TV Fame >>>
o Scots Actor Slams Labour's Schools >>>
o LA Stories to Star on Made-Over Radio 3 >>>
o Freelancers Get Beeb Training Subsidy >>>
o Edinburgh Flipside Invite for Scottish Filmmakers >>>
o Free Willy Star's Whale of a Time in Scottish Waters >>>

3rd August 2001
Beeb Drops Edinburgh Show >>>
Distribution Unmasked by Edinburgh Panel >>>
TV Virgin Sisters Launch Screen War >>>
o Duvall Honours Small Town Heroes on Big Screen >>>
The Woman Who Fell to Earth >>>
Porn Scam Council Workers Suspended >>>

27th July 2001
Star-Struck Inverness Goes for the Movies >>>
Cronyism Film Story Further Unscrewed by BBC >>>
Film Expertise Brought to Waterside TV >>>
o STV Blunt High Road Axe Rumour >>>
Cinefrance for Edinburgh >>>
o Rising Star of The East Keeps Close Eye on The North >>>
o Robot Wars Kicks off Carnage in Glasgow >>>
o Scottish Filmmakers Wanted for Webcast >>>

o Shetland in Frame for Devil Feature >>>

20th July 2001
Casting Call For Scottish Screen >>>
Tartan Shorts Relaunch Due >>>
Ideal World In A Spin >>>
o End Of The High Road For Scottish Soap >>>
So, The Scot Behind Graham Norton >>>
o Jammy Dundee Gains Bollywood Soap >>>
o To Be, Or Not To Be….In Scotland >>>
o Follically-Challenged Film Aliens Head For Dundee >>>
o Shetland In The Frame For Devil Feature >>>

13th July 2001
Dyke Bursts Job Dam >>>
BBC Scotland's New Flagship Under Fire >>>
Snowball Oranges Snowballs >>>
o Up The Amazon with Bible & Camera >>>
The North Gets Media Hot Seat >>>
o Dougray's Titanic Enigma >>>
o Edinburgh Fest Line Up >>>
o Cafe Flicker Screenings Light Up Glasgow >>>
o Edito Scottish Screen - The Back Story >>>

6th July 2001
John Archer Resigns >>>
Studio Scotland >>>
Councillor Denies Sean's Studio Claim >>>
o Edinburgh Leads Festival Poll >>>
Last Act for Film Centre >>>
o Film Chief Under Pressure >>>
o BBC Accused of Theft >>>
o Scorsese: Shetland Classic Shines >>>
o Moonstone Deadline Looms >>>
o Dr Donna Drama Director >>>
o Mars Brass Attacks Luss >>>

29th June 2001
o Stop Press
No Axe Says SS James Lee >>>
Minister Attacks Scottish Screen>>>
o Scots Plea for Better Access >>>
o Axe hangs Over Scottish Screen >>>
o Explaining Cronyism in Scotland >>>

15th June 2001
FC Under Press Scrutiny >>>
o Daddy's Girl: Eve Frances >>>
o Bebe Brun Stars Again >>>
o Stars Cars >>>
o Rutagarama's return to Rwanda >>>
o Scottish Screen Denies Cronyism >>>
o Dracula is a Glaswegian >>>
o Stop Press:- Minister Steps into Scottish Screen Row >>>

8th June 2001
College gets Animated >>>
o Connery Calls for Tax Breaks >>>
o Dad's Army's 30-Year Recovery >>>
o Late Night Shopping in Berlin >>>
o The Last Great Wilderness >>>
o Film Wizard of Oz >>>
o Deaf Cyclist's Epic Arctic Adventure >>>
o Daddy's Girl on the Way >>>
o Flesh and Blood >

1st June 2001,
Irish Film Boom in Full Swing >>>
o Aussie Invades Edinburgh Fest >>>
o Two Ewans at War in Mogadishu >>>
o Wark Clements Acquire Monogram >>>
o BBC Scotland HQ Unveiled >>>

25th May, 2001
Daddy's Girl Cannes Delight >>>
o MacGregor Returns to Scotland >>>
o Punk Jobson Skids Into Movies >>>

o Scottish Queen Jamilla >>>
o Last Tango in Wishaw >>>
o Scotland's Cultural Strategy - Where Next >>>
o Film Council Grants Magdalene Asylum >>>

18th May, 2001

Kino on Tour >>>
o Popcorn Producer in Cannes >>>
oFerry up the Amazon >>>
Isles too Chilly for Finney >>>
Likely Lads Lead Beeb Search for Lost Gems >>>
Lee Defends Lottery Investment >>>
o Second Film For Glasgow Producers >>>
Attack on Scots Film Industry Continues >>>
Scottish Screen Criticised After Magdelene >>>

11th May, 2001
National Studio Inaction >>>
o Cosmo Highland Studio Setback >>>
Moonstone Cannes Open Door >>>
Action Master Ducks Class >>>
Burns Film Fall-out Heads for Court >>>
South meets North over Docs for Europe >>>
o Magdalene saved for the nation by Scottish Screen >>>

4th May, 2001
Scottish Studio Bid 3: The Highlands >>>
o YIFF Latest: Blood Kiss Premiere >>>
o Scottish Screen at Cannes >>>
o Jim Poole Award Shortlist >>>
o Green Man Wins Jim Poole Award >>>
o TV Cliffhanger For Highland Casualty >>>
Curse of MacBeth >>>
o Tartan Pimpernel Captured by BBC >>>

Baxter Basics For Our Stanley >>>

27 April, 2001
Magdalene Rescue Bid Under Way>>>
o Ramsey's Caller gets Early Sales >>>
o Kathleen's Big Screen Adventure >>>
o Mrs Mac For The Chop >>>
o Daddy's Girl Courts Continental Favours >>>
o Scottish Screen's Latest Lottery Awards >>>
o Fat Fire >>>
And Why Not Barry Norman? >>>
o LIFF 15 Warming UP
Artful Dodger Puts Glasgow in Starring Role >>>
o A
Word in your Ear, Glasweigans... >>>
o Channel 5 Regional Commitment >>>
o Lara Films at Gordonstoun >>>

20 April, 2001
Antonine Crumbles as Investment Falls >>>
o Magdelene >>>
o 8 1/2 Selection >>>
o New Found Land Commissions Announced >>>
o Bollywood on Tour >>>
o Scottish Screen at Cannes >>>

13 April, 2001
Scottish Screen to take Fresh Funding Approach >>>
o Daybreak Festival Dawns for York >>>
o BBC's Jewish 'Tec Takes on Taggart >>>
o Out of School Film School >>>
o US Goes Tartan >>>
o First Light Dawns for Young Film Stars >>>
o LA Locations Pay Off in Long Term >>>
o Control Wins SSoS Audience Award >>>
Ireland & Wales top Celtic at Truro >>>
o Bowmore Scottish Screen Award >>>
o Rocket Post Misses Target Location >>>
o Dog Soldiers Relocate to Luxembourg >>>
o Six Scotfilms on FilmFour Britfilm week >>>
o Graham Norton & TVYP >>>

6 April, 2001
Digital Diva Rises via Defence Agency >>>
o Baby Lazarus wins Scottish Students Screen >>>
o Ditched Leeds Legal Drama Wins Four Awards >>>
o Glen Waits for Monarch >>>

30 March, 2001
Early Film Hoard Unearthed in Blackburn >>>
o Locations? Cannes Do >>>
o One to watch at the Celtic >>>
o Media's Vampire Frenzy Over Count >>>
o Scottish Screen Consults Over Funding Changes >>>
o Robson 'No More Nice Guy' Green >>>
o North 'Stuffed' at Oscars >>>
o Hollywood Tries to Catcher Ramsay >>>
o Close and True A Hit for Coastal >>>
o FilmFour Books Hot Talent >>>
o Moonstone Acquires Some Irish Spirit >>>
o Rolf Harris Sales Firth on Dolphin Location >>>
o School of Sound Opens up in Glasgow >>>
o New Design & Make-up Course >>>
o Leeds Hipsters Do Fuss >>>
o Sheffield New Centre for Film Nations and regions >>>
o Less Ecsosais A Clermont Ferrand >>>
o Celtic Film Festival Underway >>>
o Connery Gets Unbeatable Dotcom Offer >>>
o Potter Cat in Catnap fear >>>

23 March, 2001
Dracula Birthplace Rivals Stake Claims >>>
o Scottish Stamp Set Sutherland for Stardom >>>
o Lewis - The Filmmaker's Favourite >>>
o Amber retro Heads to Big Apple >>>
o ITV License Terms Revealed >>>
o Digital Scot Makes Hollywood Move >>>
o Bovine Epidemic Creates Wilderness Shortage >>>
o Archive Seal is Bearded Rarity >>>
oPreparing for Death by Dawn >>>
o Shaw had a Ball with Potter >>>
o New Found Land RTS Winner >>>
o Lee Lights, Student Cameras, Action >>>
o Amber's Like Father Gets Spring Release >>>
o Following Scotland's Bollywood Way >>>

16 March, 2001
Keith Griffith on Creativity at the Cutting Edge >>>
o Scottish Filmmakers Board Ship of Dreams >>>
o Yorkshire Filmmaking Heralded by Government Minister >>>
o North Sea Cock and Bull Summer of NPF >>>
o Tyne Tees Dramatic Six >>>
o Scottish Students on Screen Streaming >>>
o Northern Writers: A Great Source >>>
o Lights! Camera! Scottish Screen Action! >>>
o Late Night Shopping is Top in Berlin >>>
o Granada Goes European >>>
o Go to the Oscars in Edinburgh >>>
o Dundee Bairns Start Getting Animated >>>
o Better things to Come From the North >>>

northern exposure archive >>>