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Resident columnist Dr Andrew Cousins invites you to peer through his telescope at a galaxy of stella filims and shooting stars, in that universe that we call cinema

54 Robbie Wooliams - 'Singng Thru the Tears'

53 It's a Spielberg Kinda Christmas

52 Anthony Hopkirk - "I've had enough, I quit!"

51 George Mucus - May the courts be with you

50 Jayne Dyvine from BBC Films

49 Vinnie Savage

48 Willy Wonka aka Barrett Stevenson

47 September 11th: The Musical

46 "Film: Does it Influence Real-Life Behaviour?"

45 "How to Make Cool Movies" with Quentin Terrentino

44 SFX Gurus - Industrial Might & Tragic

43 Paul Verhervervint

42 The Equity Strike Explained

41 Robert Dooley Jr - Out on the Wiley, Windy Moors

40 James Macaroon - King of the World

39 Mike Fungus - Brit-film's digital jazzman

38 Sebastian Kilmer's World of Marketing

37 Joe Silverman's Olympic Swimming Pool

36 Britney Starr

35 Minister for Film - Oliver Nemisole

34 The Video Art of Francine Germaine Wilson

33 Screen Legend's Origin Shocks Hollywood

32 Christopher Tulkinghome - The East Anglia Film Commission

31 Sydney Banderfield - Stan's DoP

30 The National Student Film Festival

29 Jocasta Meridien - Thespian Angel

28 The Reverend Aloysius Tork: The Lord's Critic

27 Dr Andrew bullies Michael Bayne after the premiere of How America Won The War

26 Arturo Bannetti tells Dr Andrew about winning the Palme D'Or for his film, Mamma Mia

25 Doctor Andrew gives us the true Cannes competition line up

24 Brick McCracken - star of Termiliser and Total Recoil reads poetry to Dr Andrew

23 Dr Andrew gets the latest on the WGA strike from Layton Bridges. Sorry, that's Loy-ton Bridgeys

22 Dr Andrew transcirbes Simon Bates' lament for the love tryst between Barry Norman, Sky and the Beeb

21 At the 10th Anniversary of Film! Magazine, Editor Brent Morgan tells all to Dr Cousins

20 Dr Andrew 'swims in Lake You' with Julia Ribbings, recent Oscar winner for White Trash Lawyer

19 A day in the life of Roger Bland at the BBFC

18 Tristan DeShiells exclusively unveils to Dr Andrew, this year's BreakDance Independent British Film Festival line-up

17 Roberto Benito explains the love behind his Oscar winning film Wasn't World War II Fun?

16 Dr Hymen Tabernacle introduces Dr Andrew to the magical world of digital

15 'Dr Andrew meets film intellectual, and presenter of BBC2's Frame by Frame, Mark Custard

14 'How Time's Winged Chariot doth Fly'. Richard E Fullsome, revered British star of LA Dreary and Hudson Mess, writes up his BAFTA diary

13 'More of an art/cinema fusion interface. Dr Andrew talks to Finalnd's greatest export, famed music video director Herlfynn Strumboldt.

12 'The one about the Gossip Columnist'. 'Cold Sore on the face of fame' Alana Berkovich tells all about Brad Pitts third nipple and Sean Connery's accent coach.

11 'A short film without guns is like decafinated coffee' - Dr Andrew learns the secrets of short filmmaking from Paul Wilderman, director of Death and Mayhem in E Minor.

10 'I was the third Stormtrooper on the left' - Dr Andrew meets Brian McMurty, seasoned British extra and 'crowd professional'.

9 Film Theory with Added Punch - Dr Andrew meets Dr Suzi Drexler, respected academic and author of 'The Camera as a Penis'

8 Whining and Dining - Dr Andrew has dinner with Brit filmmaker and hated restaurant critic - Michael Whiner

7 Uber-geek Jerry Sharkey is responsible for the 'This Movie Sux!!!!' website, and is widely known as the 'Scurge of Hollywood'. Dr Andrew found out more.

6 In 1942 a 12-year-old Stanley Kubrick directed his school's nativity play. We publish his production diaries for the first time.

5 'Correction Fluid is a great pick-me-up'. Legendary screenwriting guru William Goldbloom meets Dr Cousins

4 'I Am A Camera' - Dr Andrew Cousins scoops an interview with British Cinema's leading light - Mark 'maverick' Marcus

3 Brit-film's Enfant Terrible Ken Russett has granted Carnal Cinema exclusive access to his film diary from the unreleased feature - Thanks For The Mammories.

2 'Acting is like a triangle without corners'. Interview with Arnold Bloomberg of the Bloomberg Academy of Drama, New York

1 It's In the Math - Leonard Fassbinder and the Blockbuster Formula

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