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Dr Andrew's mock-tastic chinwag with the world's leading film lights >>>
Resident food critic Michael Whiner chews over the gossip >>>
Need to register a limited company but don't have much cash? Want to know what sort of film insurance you need, or how to prepare Academy Ratio film for digitising? Learn how here. >>>
A collection of film and media theory essays, on topics ranging from John Woo to John Grierson >>>
Our Film Library lists reviews of some of the best new films, as well as our favourite books about film >>>

Read about the hottest shorts coming up. If you've just made one, here's your chance to tell the world about it >>>

Industry Bodies
Development Fund
Film Education

Cinema & TV Benevlolent fund
New Cinema Fund
New Producers Alliance
Peeping Toms
Platform TV
Premiere Fund
Rocliffe New Writers Forum
Screenwriter's Workshop
Script Factory
Short Film Bureau (1)

Short Film Bureau (2)
Tower Hamlets Film Office
Women in Film and TV
Undercurrents News
Who Shot British Film? Netribution's key note debate at the Leeds International Film Festival
Claire Battersby
- FilimUK - Edinburgh Film Fest
Graham Fletcher Cook - Highgate Film Festival
Lizzie Franke - Edinburgh Film Festival
Elliot Grove - Raindance
Sandra Grant - British Independent Film Awards
Adele Hartley - Dead by Dawn
Caglar Kimyoncou - Disability Film Festival
Nic Mason - Manhattan Short Film Festvial
Joe Morton - Scottish Students on Screen
Samantha and Francoise - Cinefeel
Raindance 2001
Film Websites
Geoff Boyle -
Pamela Casey - AtomFilms
Benjamin Craig -
Alexsandar Gubas - Filmskapravda/Eurindie
Grant Millar - BT GetOutThere
Ben Reneker - Reel
Jess Search - Shooting People
Tom Fogg - Netribution
Nic Wistreich - Netribution
Joan Allen
Thora Birch
Hayley Carr
Emma Catherwood
Christopher Eccleston
Christopher 'Strumpet' Eccleston
Sadie Frost
Adrian Lester
Janet McTeer
David Morrissey
Kelly Reilly
Mark Ruffalo
Luke De Woolfson
Terrance Doyle
Shawn Slavo - Captain Corelli's Mandolin
Clifford Thurlow
Mike White - Chuck & Buck
Other above-the-line
Daniel Biry - Composer
Jack Cardiff - Cinematographer
Paddy Eason - SFX
Julian Fullalove - Production Designer
Ralph Holes - Costume Designer
Stuart Hopps - Choreographer
Darius Khondji - Cinematographer
Gary Napier - Digital Film Lab
Mary Selway - Casting Director
John Stephenson - Head of Jim Henson's Creature Shop

Liz Crow - from documentary to fiction
Denis McArdle - The Nook
Peter Wintonick - Cinema Verite, Noam Chomsky
David Baillie - remote locations DOP
Stanley Forman - Political filmmaker
Joseph Bell & Stuart Robinson - Baby Lazarus


Rachel Bevan Baker - Red Kite Productions (Animation)
Hammer and Tongs - Music Video Directors (Blur, Fat Boy Slim, Supergrass)
Carlos Lozano - Salvador Dali's lifelong lover and muse
The Luddite's Guide to Digital
Derek Malcolm - Film Critic
Olly Ravaux - Commercials Producer

Short Filmmakers

Irvine Allen - Daddy's Girl (Cannes winner 2001)
David Barlia - Barliesque
Ben Blaine - Russell Square
Tim Clague - Projector Films
The Davey Brothers - How To Make An Omelette
Gaby Dellal - Football
Jan Dunn - Spotty Dog Films
Mike Figgis, Saffron Burrows and Peter Mullan talk about short films
Tina Gharavi - Closer
Keggin & Fraser - Super Davie Buscombe
Peter Kershaw - Wilfred
Tinge Krishman - Shadowscan (2001 BAFTA winner)
Leslie Lowes - Penultimate Productions
Toby Meakins & Simon Allen - The Magic Mile
Luke Morris - Je t'aime John Wayne
Omid Nooshin - Panic
The Santana Brothers - The Last Post
Simon and Allison - Ghosthunter
Alexander Snelling - Denial
Andrew Swan - Bob
Jacqueline Swanson - Checkout Girl
Thomas Viner & Bridget Holding - Ruby Red Films
Jeremy Wooding - London Love Trilogy
Martin Gooch - Orgasm Raygun
Nigel Smith - Producer of Tartan Short - Cry for Bobo
Alison Peebles - Director of Tartan Short Tangerine


our archive of exclusive interviews ranges from John Waters and Roy Disney to Darius Khondji and Jack Cardiff. We host the biggest collection of top British talent interviews such as Christopher Eccleston and Mike Figgis as well as the UK's most promising short filmmakers (like Cannes winner Irvine Allen and BAFTA winner Tinge Krishman) and biggest industry power players.


Darren Aronofsky
Jean-Luc Godard Eloge de L'amour
Marleen Gorris - Antonia's Line, The Luzhin Defence
David Gordon Green - George Washington
James Gray - The Yards
Jessica Hausner - Lovely Rita
John Lasseter - Monsters Inc
Kristian Levring -The King is Alive
Mira Nair - Monsoon Wedding
Rob Schmidt - Crime & Punishment in Suburbia
Steven Soderbergh
John Waters


John Boorman
Stephen Daldry
Justin Edgar
- Large
Mike Figgis
Mark Herman
Ben Hopkins (1)
Ben Hopkins (2)
Joel Hopkins - Jump Tomorrow
Andrew Kötting - This Filthy Earth
John Madden
Saul Metzstein
- Late Night Shopping
Anthony Minghella interviews Sydney Pollack
Pawel Pawlikowski - Last Resort
Ken Russell
Dom Rotheroe - Jump Tomorrow
John Stephenson
- Animal Farm
Stuart Urban
- Revelation, Our Friends in the North
Michael Winterbottom

Ultra Indie
Kenneth D Barker - Kingdom
Owen Carey Jones - Baby Blues
Iliya Chaiken - Marguerita Happy Hour
Noam Gonick Hey, Happy!
Barry Hutchinson - The Curse of The Bogwoman
Lab Ky Mo - 9 Dead Gay Guys
May Miles Thomas - One Life Stand
Shane O'Sullivan - Second Generation
David Paul Baker - Pasty Faces
Manoj Rajdutt
James Rogan - Dead Bolt Dead
Rick Schmidt - Dogme 10
Piotr Szkopiak - Small Time Obsession
Biju Viswanath - Deja Vu
Power Players
Mia Bays- The Film Consortium
Jenny Borgars - Film Council Development Fund Head
David Castro - Chief Executive, the NPA
Roy Disney
- Vice Chair Walt Disney
Nick Jones - Head of Film, FilmFour/Channel 4
Robert Jones - Film Council Premiere Fund Head
David Nicholas Wilkinson - Guerilla Films
Paul Trijbits Film Council New Cinema Fund Head
Robin Gutch FilmFour Lab
Feature Producers

Tim Bevan - Working Title
Gavin Emerson
- Ratcatcher
Jones & Jolliffe - Living Spirit (& Guerilla FIlmmakers Handbook)
Kevin Loader
- Captain Corelli's Mandolin
Alan Maloney - Beckett on Film project
Janey De Nordwall - Silver Films
Alex Usbourne -The Acid House, Large
Wanton Muse - Little Ashes
Jonathan Woolf - Romulus Films (The African Queen, Revelation)

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