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Geoff Boyle runs, don't bother asking me what the site offers because that would be silly. OK you fools! Its a site for cinematographers with information on all the major filmstock, lens, camera manufacturers and retailers, with superb advice/Q&A section and is aimed at amateurs and professionals alike. His FAQs are the envy of the Internet world. They flash up in their own gleeful disorder, each reaching out to thwack the viewer's cheek with the studded velvet glove of film establishment. Be careful with this baby, I came out feeling like Francois Botha, reeling in ignorant humility. Geoff turned out to be a pretty succinct chap who I definitely wouldn't invite to my Internet stag party. Sorry Geoff.

| by tom fogg|
| photos from the film|
| in london |

In a nutshell, what is
I set CML up in 1996 in an attempt to bring together the DP's that I was exchanging mail with across a number of different systems, it was initially limited to high end professional DP's, this has now been somewhat relaxed.

Some of Geoff's work as commercials DP (yes, that is Lego!)

What services do you provide?
CML has both mailing lists and a web-site, the mailing lists cover topics varying from the original pro's only one to indie film-making and includes lists on HDTV and one for AC's as well as a basic 101. The web-site is compiled from discussions between DP's on various topics so if you ever need to know what shutter angle to use at 60FPF with 50Hz lighting the answer is there, there are pages covering almost every aspect of cinematography there are and if it's not there then start a discussion on CML and the results will go onto the web-site. There are also searchable archives for every message ever posted.

How many work on the site?
It was initially just me but there are now four others that help: One from the West coast of America; One from the East coast; One in London and one in Oslo.What position do you think your site holds amongst other online film resources?
As an information resource for anyone interested in cinematography I think it's number one, the main advantage that it has over the other 3 sites aimed at cinematography is that it's run by DP's and AC's who are interested in the net rather than net people who are interested in cinematography. We also have all the main manufacturers, film companies, rental companies etc. as members so any queries are dealt with by experts.

Another gratuitous shot of his work with Lego.

Do they collaborate with you in any way?
We did have a tie up with one at one point but they seemed more interested in getting access to our members to expand their own list, we do get on well with, the ASC site!

What is your commercial/filmmaking background?
Lots! After art school in the late 60's I worked in stills photography and moved to film in the early 70's, since then I've shot news, doccos, music videos and lots of commercials.

Why did you decide to share your knowledge online?
I believe that it's important to put something back into the industry, I also spend time as a visiting lecturer in a couple of film schools.

Where did you go for information when you were starting out in the industry?
AC magazine and David Samuelson.

What's the future for yourself and the site?
To grow as people want it to grow, changes in the past have come mainly from user demand and I'm trying to push the idea of showreels on the site at the moment

What are your 5 favourite film sites?

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