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Super Davie Buscombe is a story about the perils of football idolatry. A Tranmere Rovers fanatic's favourite striker just can't stop scoring but his affections turn sour when Super Davie scores once too often.
I bumped into the cast of this more than competent production at the Bafta Short Film Showcase in April, and hours later I found myself in their potty hotel bar enjoying way too many drinks with this bunch of Scousers.
The night came to an end too early but I'd promised director Diane Keggin and writer/producer Andy Fraser to an interview .

| by tom fogg |
| photos courtesy of andy fraser|
| in liverpool |

Remarkably well shot on Super16 with a respectable budget of around £20k this dialogue driven filmwas always going to struggle against the others on show, but equally, this group seemed most likely to succedd on a feature. This interview will prove invaluable for morale's sake to recent post graduates, to those of you who've entertained doubts about shooting in a football ground and, what's more, to those of you who'd fancy a football manager and ex-liverpool striker in a cameo role.

Can you tell me about the team behind the movie?

The film was written by myself and directed by Diane Keggin. Due to the fairly tight budget we co-produced which meant the two of us were doing everything from organising locations and buying props to drawing maps and making sandwiches. It turned into a miraculous feat of plate spinning.
The cast and crew was made up of mainly of people we knew locally, students looking for experience and friends of ours. A lot of favours were called in.

How did you meet?
We first met when we were both studying for an MA in Documentary Production at the University of Salford. We worked together and realised that we had a very similar style and work ethic and an interest in the making the same type of films. It was always our intention to work together when we left.

Is this your first film together?
We made a couple of documentaries whilst at Salford that were broadcast regionally but this is the first time we've worked together on a project of our own out in the 'real' world.

Can you give us a brief history of its creation?
The film was made as part of a North-West Arts Board initiative for first time writers and directors. I had been saying for ages that I fancied writing a script and Diane wanted to try her hand at directing drama so we put in an application. The next thing we knew we were asked in for a meeting and to our surprise they offered us the commission.

It took us a while to get going, due to other work commitments, but eventually we put the crew together and started shooting over three consecutive weekends in November 2000. The post-production process became very long and drawn out due to a lack of funds and the need to earn money to pay for food and clothing. However, we finally had a showprint in our hands by the end of March 2001.

Have you always wanted to do comedy?
I always find the notion of calling something a comedy quite uncomfortable - it kind of tells your audience that they are expected to laugh and there's always the danger that they might not. I see the film more as a drama that some people might find funny.
There was no specific agenda to make this type of film - it just happened really. The idea came from a conversation I had with a mate of mine about three years ago. We were watching Manchester United on the telly and he was boring me about how good he thought Ryan Giggs was. I retaliated by asking him if his opinion would be the altered if Ryan Giggs ran off with his girlfriend. He said "No" but that he'd feel obliged to boo him when he played. Super Davie Buscombe grew from there.

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