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Have you always wanted to do comedy?
I always find the notion of calling something a comedy quite uncomfortable - it kind of tells your audience that they are expected to laugh and there's always the danger that they might not. I see the film more as a drama that some people might find funny.
There was no specific agenda to make this type of film - it just happened really. The idea came from a conversation I had with a mate of mine about three years ago. We were watching Manchester United on the telly and he was boring me about how good he thought Ryan Giggs was. I retaliated by asking him if his opinion would be the altered if Ryan Giggs ran off with his girlfriend. He said "No" but that he'd feel obliged to boo him when he played. Super Davie Buscombe grew from there.

I think the fact that people found the script funny helped us in getting it made. In my opinion, short films sometimes take themselves a bit too seriously so the fact that ours doesn't made it stand out a bit. Saying that, we'd be quite happy to take on something more serious and would hate to be pigeonholed.

What was the budget, how long was the shoot and what did you shoot on?
The budget was 20k, the shoot was five days but spread over three weekends due to the availability of locations and we shot on Super 16.

Is it true that you approached both Liverpool and Everton before Tranmere?
We never actually approached Liverpool and Everton as we knew from past experience that large football clubs are notoriously unhelpful. Tranmere were perfect as they had a big enough ground and fan base to work within the script but suffered from being in the shadow of the 'big two' so were happy with the publicity. It was always our intention to use a club outside the Premiership, especially a club that people wouldn't immediately think of. The big clubs get more than enough exposure without us chipping in.

How did you get John Aldridge to play a cameo?
Quite simply, we asked him and he said "yes". He was brilliant as well and we were gutted when he resigned later in the season. The man's a legend.

Of the cast and crew, who supports which team?
I'm a football addict and devoutly follow my hometown team, Macclesfield Town. Diane suffers from supporting Everton. Out of the cast and crew I'm not really sure although I think there were some closet Man U. fans in there. Rob Heron, who plays Davie Buscombe and did the music for the film, is a massive Stoke City fan and once made a record about them, although he would deny it if asked.

How has the film fared with screenings, festivals and awards etc?
We're really pleased with the response the film has had so far. It is now our aim to get it seen in as many places as possible. The film was short-listed and shown at the Kodak Short Film Showcase at Bafta in April and we are now entering it into just about every festival we've ever heard of and some we haven't. We have also just been offered a television distribution deal by Morphe Arts Pictures in Barcelona which we're very pleased about. My Mum and Dad really like it too.

What are you working on now and where do you see yourselves 5 years from now?
We've currently got a couple of short film scripts on the go as well as some documentary ideas. We are desperate to get something new off the ground so watch this space. In five years time, who knows? I'd like to think that we'd be getting close to making our own feature or big television drama series. I'd also like to have done something more in documentary ... and I'd like to be watching Macclesfield Town beat Man Utd in the Premiership.

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