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Cinema Extreme Open for Submissions

hallo pandaCinema Extreme, the UK Film Council New Cinema Fund / Film Four backed high budget short film award  is open for entries. Managed by the Bureau and Lifesize pictures, a number of awards of up to £50,000 will be made. Past awardees include Andrea Arnold's Wasp, which went on to win the Academy Award for Best Short and Duane Hopkins' Love me or Leave me Alone and the Blaine Brothers' Hallo Panda (pictured).

Applications will be accepted until Setpember 8th. 



Jowell Makes UK Film Pitch To Hollywood


Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell tells Hollywood Execs "fantasic locations" are among the advantages of filming in BritainCulture Secretary Tessa Jowell is in LA lobbying Hollywood executives to encourage  major studios to shoot more films in the UK.  Jowell is meeting executives from Warner Brothers, Disney and Universal.

The UK government this year unveiled a new tax relief system aimed at making Britain a more cost-effective location for films.

Jowell said the UK was now "one of the most tax sympathetic" places to make films, with the best technical support and "fantastic locations. I am unashamedly here to argue for the UK," she said during her whistle-stop tour.


Film Investment Lawyer Adam P Davies explains The New Tax Relief System for British films (requires registration - which is free!)


EC Loans for Film Production in ACP Countries


Euros on loan to ACP countries for filmmakingThe European Commission will disburse 6.5 million euros to finance film production and broadcasting programmes in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, the commission has announced. The Commission aims, through this funding, to contribute to the development and structuring of film and broadcasting industries in ACP countries, according to a statement issued this week in Brussels.


Become a Movie Producer - for $1


Action!Here's the pitch: a Bay Area motel room at night. A young couple, Tao and Bella. A phone call. An urgent message. They have to get to Los Angeles to get Tao's little brother, Leo, out of custody and into a drug rehab unit before 8 o'clock the next evening - or Leo gets sent to prison for two years. It's a quest. It's an odyssey through the streets and hidden worlds of Los Angeles. It's about brothers, drugs and love. It's called The Fix.


Bollywood Distributor Adlabs To Co-Produce Hollywood Movies


Film ProductionAdlabs Films Ltd, controlled by Anil Ambani, is entering into Hollywood movies through AshoK Amritraj's Hyde Park Entertainment Group. The signing of the co-production and  film financing deal with Hyde Park Entertainment Group comes after Adlabs Films set up UK and US offices. Bollywood movie distribution will still be the company's primary business activity, but the overseas operations will also explore opportunities in film production and post-production.