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Britfilm Indies To Get WARP Drive

Warp's Robin GutchBritish filmmakers are to get a shot in the arm as Warp X, a new digital film studio designed to shake up the way feature films are financed and produced in Britain, launches on 23rd March. Warp X is backed by £4.5 million of funding from the National Lottery, Film Four and regional screen agencies and by using the latest digital production methods, Warp plan to make seven low budget feature films over the next three years.


Five TV Newsbites Offered to New Filmmakers

DFG logoChannel 5 News logoChannel 5 and DFG are challenging emerging filmmakers to look for strong, contemporary and domestic story-lines, from both London and the regions, with emphasis on the cultural richness and diversity of Britain, for network broadcast as part of Channel 5 news. They offer support and facilities to new filmmakers to meet their brief.