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Syndicate Films Launches £1.7m Production Fund


Scream If You Want To Get RicherSyndicate Films, UK production and distribution company has launched a £1.7m production fund under the UK's Enterprise Investment Scheme. The funds raised will be used to produce and distribute up to three thriller/horror genre films. These genres as they are consistently in high demand in the UK and international film markets, illustrated by the success of films like Cabin Fever, The Decent and the recently released Wolf Creek.


Sharon Stone To Bankroll $100m Britfilm Fund


Sharon Stone - investing in UK filmHollywood actress Sharon Stone is planning to team up with a British movie production company, and launch a $100 million (£56 million) fund to make new films. Stone already produces in the US.



The star of Basic Instinct has always been enthusiastic about the UK movie industry, and has now found a way to get involved first-hand.


Profit Shares Give Hope For UK Film Industry


Richard Griffiths in The History BoysThe film adaptation of The History Boys, the Alan Bennett play which opened to critical acclaim on Broadway last week, will test a new business model for British film-making when it opens in cinemas this autumn.An unusual financing package put together by a specialist media and technology legal practice, Wiggin, the film is designed to turn a profit from opening day.