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French Temptation Island camera fodder win employment tribunal

Gotta love the French, especially as C4 continue their 9-year long bukaki over the nation's psyche and moral compass:

"Temptation Island constitutes a job and therefore justifies an employment contract," the court said. "Tempting a person of the opposite sex requires concentration and attention."

The decision means the participants are entitled to all the benefits of a full employment contract, including a 35-hour week. (from BBC News)



Kickers and Modern Toss release Random Bandits 4

From PR Lauren Archer:

The Random Bandits are back again with the 4th instalment in the series, featuring more jokes and shenanigans then you can shake a stick at!!!

Check out the latest twisted takes on the world that will make you feel good, with The Flys, Shoe Horn and cult here Dave Beeline below now.

To catch up and watch all of the four films in the Random Bandits series head to

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the final film when its released on June 1st.


Teen pregnancy linked to TV new study finds

pregnancytv.gifA new US study has found that teenage girls who watch a larger than average amount of sexually charged TV were twice as likely to have a teenage pregnancy. Boys who watched a greater amount were also more like to be responsible for a pregnancy.

While TV consumption may indiciate another key factor - such as parental's influence or religious view - the findings will doubtless encourage debate, especially in the UK, which has Western Europe's highest teenage pregnancy rate (six times the level of the Netherlands). The report's author Dr Chandra added: "Sexual content on TV has doubled in the last few years, especially during the period of our research. We found a strong association."

The report did not examine the effects of the Internet, but is likely to support Australia's controversial attempts to filter all web content at ISP level so no under 18 year old may have access to pornography. The system has run into considerable criticism because the government has argued that if they are able to filter out some content, they have a responsibility to filter out all content that they deem illegal under Australian law - creating a full web firewall similar to those found in Burma and China. Such robotic filters, which are automated given the millions of new web pages appearing each day, are estimated to classify at least a few percent of sites incorrectly, and could be used by governments as a form of 'censorship creep'.


At the forefront of marine science, a 'revolutionary' new series...

underwater-swimming-polar-bear_2968.jpg Liquid Motion Film write in with details about their new series, and recent award wins for their underwater photography:

For years, man has sought the meaning of the fishes' incredible colours. He's never truly understood, because he's always looked through human eyes. At the forefront of Marine Science this sensational premiere unravels the mystery of underwater colour, by looking ‘through the fishes eyes'.


Hollyoaks to offer an entire episode to a new writer

From Holler PR:

hollyoaks.jpgChannel 4 today announces that as part of the upcoming New Talent Month, viewers will be offered the opportunity to write an entire episode of hit teen drama Hollyoaks. For the very first time, aspiring writers have the chance to put words into the mouths of the Hollyoaks cast and see their work come to life on screen. The competition is designed to seek out the most promising new drama writing talent in the UK.

Entrants are tasked with scripting four scenes based on an old storyline and from these a winner will be selected. They will be given exclusive access to future Hollyoaks storylines, get commissioned to write a full show and work with the production team to get their script on air.  


The Skins Creative Challenge - Win your own Skins premiere party!

skins_logo_sprayFrom PR Holler:

There is exciting news on the cards for all Skins fans out there. Series II is coming to E4 in February 2008 and E4 have just announced a very special competition for fans to get busy with...The Skins II Creative Challenge.

In the build up to series 1, fans were set some challenges on and they were overwhelmed by the response -mainly because of all the other weird, wacky and wonderful Skins stuff fans created which had nothing to do with the 4 challenges! From fansites to animations to comic books - it was great.


Netribution users can win a digital camera with More4

more4jpgTo celebrate Unveiled: Love and Sex in the Arab World on a season of critically-acclaimed films offering a fresh perspective on life in North Africa and the Middle East on More4 this Christmas, More4 is offering Netribution users a change to win a digital camera and it couldn't be easier to enter. 




Unveiled Love & Sex in the Arab World catch it on More4 over December

From Holler: 

This Christmas, in Unveiled: Love and Sex in the Arab World, More4 offers a fresh perspective on life in North Africa and the Middle East with a season of critically-acclaimed films.

Danielle Arbid's Un Homme Perdu, follows a French photographer's life-changing journey through Jordan. In Satin Rouge, a widowed Tunisian seamstress embarks on a journey of self-discovery among the exotic nightclub netherworld of belly dancers and cabaret patrons. El Banate Dol is an observational documentary about adolescent girls living on the streets of Cairo amid violence and oppression. What a Wonderful World from Morocco sees a hired killer fall in love with a woman he regularly speaks to on the phone but has never met.And Viva Algeria tells the story of three very different women in the Algiers during the winter of 2003. Holed up in a hotel since the start of the violence, the women refuse give up hope or abandon their lives. Catch Un Homme Perdu on More4 on Saturday 22nd December at 11pm   Satin Rouge on Tuesday 25 December at 10pmEl Banate Dol on Thursday 27 December at 10.30pmWhat A Wonderful on Friday 28 December at 11pmViva Algeria on Saturday 29th December at 11pm


Get your graff designs seen on Shameless...

Here's your chance to make your mark on the new series of Shameless. We're asking you to create a design that will end up featured as a piece of graffiti on the set of the Chatsworth Estate.

Entering is easy. All you need to do is follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Create a design. This can be a hand drawn sketch or something you've on your computer using photoshop, illustrator, etc.  Just remember it's going to end up as a piece of graffiti!

Step 2: Alternatively you can create a design using any easy to use online application. For example see the links below...

Graffiti Creator -

Grafitti Playdo - 

Step 3: Email in jpeg of your final design (along with your contact details) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information visit