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Unveiled Love & Sex in the Arab World catch it on More4 over December

From Holler: 

This Christmas, in Unveiled: Love and Sex in the Arab World, More4 offers a fresh perspective on life in North Africa and the Middle East with a season of critically-acclaimed films.

Danielle Arbid's Un Homme Perdu, follows a French photographer's life-changing journey through Jordan. In Satin Rouge, a widowed Tunisian seamstress embarks on a journey of self-discovery among the exotic nightclub netherworld of belly dancers and cabaret patrons. El Banate Dol is an observational documentary about adolescent girls living on the streets of Cairo amid violence and oppression. What a Wonderful World from Morocco sees a hired killer fall in love with a woman he regularly speaks to on the phone but has never met.And Viva Algeria tells the story of three very different women in the Algiers during the winter of 2003. Holed up in a hotel since the start of the violence, the women refuse give up hope or abandon their lives. Catch Un Homme Perdu on More4 on Saturday 22nd December at 11pm   Satin Rouge on Tuesday 25 December at 10pmEl Banate Dol on Thursday 27 December at 10.30pmWhat A Wonderful on Friday 28 December at 11pmViva Algeria on Saturday 29th December at 11pm