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Bravo U.K. Announces First Advertiser-Funded Programme


Everest climberThe UK's male-targeted Bravo channel has announced its first advertiser-funded programming commission, partnering with the British Army. The documentary series Everest: Man Versus Mountain, will screen the British Army's attempt on the summit of Mount Everest via the West Ridge - the mountain's most notoriously difficult route.. Keo Films has been commissioned by Bravo to produce the documentary, in five 30-minute episodes to launch in prime-time this autumn. Ten second branded idents will top and tail each episode Each episode will be topped and tailed with 10-second branded idents, also produced by Keo Films, promoting the British Army.


C4 Agrees New Producer Rights Deal With Pact


Digital Assets Management in ActionChannel 4 and Pact have reached agreement on new media rights after months of negotiation. The broadcaster will now have a 30-day exclusive window in which to exploit its programmes via all platforms. The deal will allow C4 to launch video-on-demand channels this autumn, with exclusive rights to distribute programmes via VOD for 30 days from the programme's first transmission on C4. VOD will be available on a free, pay per view or subscription basis. 


UK Indies Make Strong Joint Showing For Mipcom

Mipcom - World's Biggest TV Market

UK independent producers will for the first time have a major presence at this year's Mipcom in Cannes - one of the world's largest TV and audiovisual markets, with a UK pavilion housing up to 35 companies under one banner.

The UK pavilion has been organised by Pact, the trade body for independent TV and film producers and has been funded by a partnership of industry stakeholders from across the UK. The launch of the Pavilion represents the culmination of a yearlong fund raising campaign undertaken by Pact with the support of Government body UK Trade and Investment.




Digital TV overtakes analogue for the first time in the UK

According to the latest figures from OFCOM, Digital Terrestrial TV  through the Freeview service, has overtaken analogue terrestrial in the UK for the first time. The numbers bring the total percentage of the UK population watching digital TV in some form (terrestrial, cable or satellite) to 72.5%, one of the highest levels in the world.

Almost 7.1m households now watch TV using Freeview on their main set with just 6.4m homes still depending on an analogue TV signal. Sky meanwhile has 7.7m subscribers, 3.3m watch cable TV and 645,000 use free-to-view satellite services. The figures should give some comfort to culture minister Tessa Jowell who is aiming to turn of analogue broadcasts in 2012, and phase out signals from 2008.  The question now is what will happen to the spare spectrum, with some expecting the government to sell it off to the highest bidder, and others pushing for it to be used for a big increase in local TV.


African Movie Channel Launches in UK


African Movie ChannelUK TV viewers can now watch African movies on a 24-hour basis. Lola Onigbogi, director of the newly launched African Movie Channel, says there is an "endless" market for African productions in Britain, in particular among African immigrants. Most of the films available on-demand are "Nollywood" productions, from Nigeria's booming movie industry.