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Netribution's HDTV UK Guide

HDTV BalloonsSeveral years after it launched in the US and Japan High Definition Television, or HDTV, is finally set to arrive in Europe. The stores are full of HD ready flat screen sets (plasma and LCD) and projection systems, the transmission standards have been agreed. All that is lacking now is HDTV content and that is building fast. This is the Netribution Guide to where you will find HDTV and when.


Ten Alps Buys Drama Indie

drama masksFactual indeoendent producer Ten Alps is moving into drama by acquiring Cottage Industry Productions while also launching Ten Alps Drama. Jo Willett, Cottage Industry's exec producer and former drama chief at Wall to Wall has signed a service contract with Ten Alps subsidiary Ten Alps TV, joining as head of Ten Alps Drama. Ten Alps paid almost £75,000 in cash for the company.