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Become a Movie Producer - for $1


Action!Here's the pitch: a Bay Area motel room at night. A young couple, Tao and Bella. A phone call. An urgent message. They have to get to Los Angeles to get Tao's little brother, Leo, out of custody and into a drug rehab unit before 8 o'clock the next evening - or Leo gets sent to prison for two years. It's a quest. It's an odyssey through the streets and hidden worlds of Los Angeles. It's about brothers, drugs and love. It's called The Fix.


The film-makers are also on a bit of quest. They start shooting in January and they need $250,000 to finance the film. So the director, Tao Ruspoli, has hit upon what he believes is a unique approach to film finance and is using the internet to make it a reality: invest as little as $1 and you will not only become a credited associate producer but also have a vote to decide the next film the company makes.

Fix will be Ruspoli's first feature narrative. He and his wife, the actor Olivia Wilde, (of Orange County fame, and most recently in Nick Cassavetes's Alpha Dog, John Stockwell's Turistas and the new television series, The Black Donnellys) will play the parts of the couple. LA will also be a main character.

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