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EC Loans for Film Production in ACP Countries


Euros on loan to ACP countries for filmmakingThe European Commission will disburse 6.5 million euros to finance film production and broadcasting programmes in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, the commission has announced. The Commission aims, through this funding, to contribute to the development and structuring of film and broadcasting industries in ACP countries, according to a statement issued this week in Brussels.

The funding is also intended to allow the filmmakers and other professionals in the sector to better create and disseminate their productions. The European body said this funding was its way of helping to promote "cultural diversity," by improving cultural identities in ACP countries and promoting inter-cultural dialogue.

Considering that culture is a key dimension of sustainable development and the fight against poverty, the EC was endeavouring to encourage audio-visual production in ACP countries.

The money will come in the form of loans, and will be used to boost the emergence and reinforcement of production capacities of film and broadcasting industries and improve the circulation of films and broadcasting works in ACP regions.

The loans will cover a five-year period and the first invitation for tenders will be issued in 2007.