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British Films To Go Upwards with Woodward?

UK Film CouncilBritain's film industry is facing a better future according to UK Film Council chief executive John Woodward: “It's true the film production sector has gone through a very bumpy patch over the last 18 months, but we are now poised to reap the rewards - with nothing to fear except the British disease of talking ourselves down.”


Figgis Stabs Studio System in Shooters Miracle

Mike FiggisOutspoken Hollywood director Mike Figgis has told indie filmmaker organisation Shooting People that they represent the way forward in filmmaking. He went on to ilustrate how the UK film bottleneck could be made easier at a stroke by doubling the number of distributors. Figgis, a patron of Shooting People, was speaking at a recent gathering of Shooters in London, where he told them just what he thought about studio-dominated industry and why he was backing the Shooters' approach to filmmaking.