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Pearl & Dean Theme Remixes For The Digital Age


Pearl & Dean screen advertising groupFor millions of British cinema-goers the famous "Pa-pa, pa-pa pa-pa" theme heralding the Pearl & Dean screen advertising content has been a part of the movie experience for decades. From the moment the tune breaks filmgoers know the main feature is just around the corner, after the Pearl and Dean commercial break. Now, for the 21st Century, the advertising firm has created a brand new version of the iconic Asteroid theme tune.


Battle Zone Hollywood: The Writers Fight Back


Writers are fighting backThe French started it. Once they came up with their 'auteur' theory, directors seized power in the film industry. But now a new book says it's time to recognise that writers are the true authors of movies. The legendary movie mogul Irving G Thalberg put it most succinctly. "The writer is the most important person in Hollywood," he once said. "But we must never tell the sons of bitches."


Indo-British Film Collaboration Intensifies


The Taj Mahal - now a universal symbol of love and affection between peopleActivity over the Indo-British film co-production treaty is building steadily towards signing of the final agreement that will put the treaty into full effect and it looks as though India's film minister is to be invited to London for the official signing.

Culture Minister Tessa Jowell says the treaty will be of benefit to the film industries of both countries. For example a treaty will mean Indian producers shooting in Britain will be able to claim tax relief on the UK portion of their film budget, effectively reducing production cost.


Paramount Unveils New Speciality Film Unit


Paramount logoParamount Pictures has unveiled a new division  - Paramount Vantage -  releasing low-budget films with broad appeal to capture indie film audiences. Studio chairman Brad Gray is reshaping Paramount and the new unit is a first move for John Lesher, who recently took the reins at Paramount's specialty film unit, Paramount Classics.


Good Locations But No Cash In Film Africa


Not enough African filmmakers tell their own stories...Delegates from 37 African countries have been meeting in Johannesburg on the factors holding back African cinema. This was the third Africa Film Summit, organised by the Federation of Pan African Film Makers (FEPACI) and hosted by the African Union. The conference acknowledged that whilst Africa has provided the location and manpower for world-class movies like Oscar-winning Out Of Africa, Nowhere in Africa, and The Constant Gardener, not enough Africans make movies telling their own stories.