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Church Starts Holy War On Da Vinci Code


Dan Brown's best-selling bookAccording to reports in the Scotland on Sunday newspaper, the Catholic Church in Scotland has launched into a holy war, with a crusade against the Da Vinci Code. The church is sending DVDs to parishes and schools lambasting what it calls the “nonsense” of the book and film. A leading church intellectual, Professor Emeritus Patrick Reilly, appears in Debunking the Da Vinci Myths DVD, saying its inaccuracies are equivalent to claiming John Knox was a child abuser.


Classic Cinema Sounds Make Big Noise At Auction


"You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"A collection of sound effects used in some of the most famous British films of the past half-century are about to go on sale - four million of them – making this the largest archive of movie sounds in Britain. Included in the collections are the lapping of the waves as Ursula Andress emerges in her bikini in Dr No, and the sound of a van being blown up in The Italian Job.


Black-Orientated Company Enters US Movie Market


Jeff Clanagan founder of CodeblackA production company focused on telling true-to-life stories about black America has released its first commercial film over the weekend. Preaching to the Choir opened in 150 theatres in the United States and marks the first release from the independent production company Codeblack Entertainment.




Film Shorts International # 2

Film Shorts International Film Shorts International today includes: Italy's drive to boost quality Screens – Ireland's Producer on the Move – UK releases two Berlin award winners – Portugal's Indiefest Attracts Buyers – Hungary's “Certain Regard” Director Shoots his Trilogy 3rdFrance Spinosa film on Erotomania -

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