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Digital Age Ushers in Epic Cinema Changes


Play Games, Watch Football or Learn Eye Surgery

This Saturday some young film fans won't be going to the cinema simply to watch Cars, Disney's new animated film about motor racing; they'll be able to race them, too.

Cars - watch them race, or in some cinemas, drive them on the big screen

At Shepherds Bush in west London and six other Vue cinemas around Britain, youngsters will be able to play the computer game based on the new movie on the big screen.


Sky Aims For Wireless Sky+ TV Boxes


Sky TV's Brian Sullivan, Head of Products and ServicesLast week Sky took the wraps off its long promised broadband service - Sky Broadband. Provided the home is on Sky's ADSL network, Sky subscribers can get a basic internet service for free, or a bells and whistles job with very fast download speeds at a very competitive price. But what future developments can be expected?

Sky's Products and Services chief Brian Sullivan has been giving a taste of what we might expect.


UK Film Company Sets Up To Ride Growing Digital Wave


Digital Production Comes Of-AgeA new British film company, Slingshot, opens for business this week with an ambitious pledge to produce 10 feature films over the next three years - a goal it hopes to achieve with a business model unique to this country: producing and distributing digital feature films. Few deny that the future of the film industry is digital. However, the change-over from physical 35mm film and the production and distribution techniques associated with it has been slow.


'Music Piracy Reaching Epidemic Proportions'


Music, films and all digital content can be piratedCounterfeiting and piracy is reaching epidemic proportions because of the internet and auction sites such as eBay, it has been revealed. The internet is now at the heart of piracy involving illegally copied software, music and films and for disposing of fake goods through eBay and other auctions sites which costs Britons billions of pounds a year.


Plans For New Broadcasting Rights Anger Podcasters


Podcasting - alarm spreading over proposed new copyright legislationThe UK is backing a controversial new broadcasting treaty that opponents say gives big media companies new rights over content. The UK joins the US, the BBC, Yahoo! and other nations and firms supporting WIPO's draft Broadcasting Treaty. Intellectual property campaigners and podcasters oppose the new treaty. They claim that it puts more control over content in the hands of big business.


HDV5000 HD DVD Disc Player Introduced by RCA in US


HD DVDDesigned to complement the surging popularity of high-definition TV displays and concurrent with the release of new HD DVD movie titles, Thomson today unveiled its first HD DVD player, the RCA HDV5000 (US suggested retail price $499), which combines the superior image and sound quality of high-definition images and multi-channel surround sound with the convenience of DVD disc playback.