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Panasonic Introduces AG-DVX100B Mini DV Camcorder


Panasonic Introduces AG-DVX100B Mini DV CamcorderPanasonic Broadcast has introduced the AG-DVX100B 24p/30p/60i Mini-DV Camcorder with more than two dozen enhancements.


The good: Great sound, progressive modes, and image control; professional-calibre viewfinder and controls; wide lens; particularly well suited for multi-camera projects.

The bad: No high-definition capability; no 16:9-native chips; lens is short for some applications; moderately steep learning curve.

The bottom line: Panasonic has listened. The third incarnation of the AG-DVX100 offers unrivalled bang for the buck in a prosumer standard-definition MiniDV camera.


UK Censor Wants Policing Powers Over On-line Video


On-line Video to be Censored?The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has warned of an uncensored content loophole and wants to extend its reach to police new media content on the internet. The independent organisation, charged with regulating British films, DVDs and video games, has claimed that the internet is currently a loophole in its censorship powers to ban inappropriate material.


BSkyB and BT Bidding For AOL in UK

Broadband consumer base bidding war is about to start Reports are being received that BSkyB and BT are both interested in bidding for AOL's UK internet operations. AOL is the third largest broadband provider in the country. About one billion is said to be the asking price, but it's thought the two media are not likely to want to stump up so much for the extra business the isp could bring them. Providing broadband services is now becoming a commodity market and fiercely competitive. Time Warner recently put its UK operations up for sale and expressions of interest are being sought from bidders


Broadband Powers The Download to Own Trend in Europe


Broadband has Europe leading the Download raceWith more than 10 million UK households now using broadband Internet access, these findings suggest great potential for the online distribution of video content," said Martin Olausson, an analyst with Strategy Analytics. "As the base of users grows, access speeds increase, and the range of video available online expands to include more premium content, such as recent movies.