This page is over 10 years old. Some things have changed since then.

Special Edition # 10

The 400 Blows DVD CoverBreak out the party hats and balloons as Special Edition # 10 means that the column that fearlessly tracks down the best DVDs available hits double figures. This time around Laurence Boyce discovers that the tide of classic French Cinema being released on DVD remains unabated, that Doctor Who did look slightly cheesy in the 80s, that people aren't waiting until Halloween to release horror movies and that you can still be afraid of The Dark. You see, much like those programmes you watched at school when you were a child, Special Edition is both fun and educational.


Special Edition # 9

Time Bandits DVD CoverAs we reach the end of August, it appears as if everyone is retuning from their holidays as there are a ton of DVDs being released over the next couple of weeks. So whether you like French movies, Anime or comedy (or indeed French Anime Comedies) let Laurence Boyce and Special Edition # 9 help you sort the wheat from the chaff as the last hazy days of summer gently slip away. Or disappear straight away amidst never ending rain. Take your pick.


Special Edition # 8

Forbidden Zone DVD CoverIt seems that everyone has buggered off on holiday - especially those who release DVD's. So whilst Special Edition # 8 is a little bit shorter there are still some little gems to be found for your delight and delectation. It also allows Laurence Boyce to nip away from the computer and TV screen for a while for a spot of sunbathing. And, after turning pasty white sitting in the dark and watching all these films, he certainly needs it.


Special Edition #7

Awesome I Fuckin' Shot That DVD CoverIt's holiday time and Special Edition has been away and topping up it's tan. Now it's come back, got its holiday photos developed and returned to a darkened room to watch the very best DVD's that have been released recently. So if the oppressive heat is making life outside uncomfortable, switch on the air conditioning and let Special Edition # 7 tell you what to pop in you DVD player.


Special Edition # 6

Good Night And Good Luck DVD coverAs we head towards the Summer Blockbuster season, those who found themselves averse to explosions, CGI and lines such as "Whyyyy? And he only had 45 minutes until retirement..." should be extremely grateful for whoever invented Digital Versatile Discs. There are a number of films in Special Edition # 6 that show the crusading and intelligent side of the modern film industry alongside a number of classic re-releases. Oh, and let's face it, explosions and CGI can often be fun so there's a little bit of that as well....


New Directions For Media Grads Publishes


Media Directions - Dedicated to New TalentStranded on that no-man's land between graduation and a media career?

So was Engish Television and Film graduate Sabrina Ferro, but no more.

Instead she's launched a high quality glossy mag aimed at people like herself and at those on the lookout for rising talent. Media Directions, as the director's chair on the front cover exclaims, is dedicated to showcasing new talent.


Special Edition # 5

A Bittersweet Life DVD CoverIt’s a British Summer, which means two things: football and Big Brother on a never ending loop. So, unless you’re a football fan or enjoy watching freak shows, then there’s not much to watch at this moment in time. So in Special Edition # 5 let Laurence Boyce point you in the right direction of some of the very best DVD’s available to buy, rent or borrow at the moment. Who needs Rooney’s toe when you’ve got the cream of Korean cinema?


Special Edition # 4

Grizzly Man DVD Cover Thanks to the perils of blown up computers and various other technological problems, Special Edition # 4 has been a long time coming. But never fear as Laurence Boyce had managed to move heaven and earth (and, more importantly, has managed to install a new version of Windows XP) to bring a bumper crop of all the DVD’s that are fit to watch when the bright sunshine starts to get a little bit too much – or it inevitably starts raining again.