This page is over 10 years old. Some things have changed since then.

Special Edition: Easter Egg

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull DVD CoverWhilst you wait in breathless anticipation for Special Edition # 27, Laurence Boyce gives you a quick Special Edition: Easter Egg update with one of the biggest summer blockbusters now available for your delectation as Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (Paramount Home Entertainment) is now available to buy as double disc edition. Well, we know that it’s the run up to Christmas and that you need all the info that Special Edition brings you….


Special Edition # 27

Iron Man DVD CoverIt’s the time of year when the summer blockbusters that filled the cinemas begin to fill the DVD shelves instead. In Special Edition # 27, Laurence Boyce looks at one of the biggest hits of the summer alongside some cinematic classics, some laughs and a few TV staples.

I've also been watching films with a lot of porn in them, but as its work then it’s allowed. You know, I love my job sometimes.


Special Edition # 26

Smart People DVD CoverWhere did the summer go eh? About two days of sunshine and the rest of it grey and miserable. As always, thank goodness for the joys of the shiny discs which provide us with so much entertainment and edification. In Special Edition # 26, Laurence Boyce has a bumper selection of DVDs for you to enjoy in the latest column with feast of films, TV shows and shorts for you to devour over the coming weeks.


Special Edition # 25

La Antena DVD Cover

There were no accidents. Nothing blew up. So, unless I spontaneously combust in the middle of writing this column, then it seems we can go ahead with Special Edition # 25. Yay. And, yes, we’re on number 25. Laurence Boyce would have got some mugs specially produced but who needs merchandise when – as always – there are a multitude of delightful DVDs for your perusal. This time around we have to we have a surreal Argentinean treat alongside some class American Indies, the latest Mike Leigh venture and other intriguing odds and ends to keep you going.



Special Edition # 24

be Kind Rewind DVD coverLaurence Boyce had just got back from enjoying the vodka in Krakow and sunning himself in Portugal and was ready to get back into business. And then his computer blew up. It’s always the way isn’t it? Thanks to friends, some technical nous and a lot of crossing his fingers, he’s managed to sort out the problems and is ready to bring Special Edition # 24 to the world. There are plenty of exciting new releases (Ok, not as new thanks to the computer/explosion problem), classic films and – yes he’s returned to the column – some Doctor Who for you to share. I know that – with only music festivals and sporting events on the television – that you’ve been waiting in breathless anticipation. Well wait no longer because, like a ghost in Ghostbusters, the column has been rescued from the grave with an extra, special bumper column


Special Edition # 23

Bonnie And Clyde (Warner DVD)There are lots of things that people can do at the same time. There’s rubbing your tummy whilst patting your head, watching telly whilst doing the ironing and reading whilst in the bath. But one thing you can’t do is run a Film Festival whilst trying to write a DVD column. As such, Laurence Boyce has been away for a while. But like a phoenix from the flames Special Edition # 23 has returned to guide your DVD purchasing path over the next few weeks. As always, we have features new and old, TV shows and other random shiny discs that will brighten up any home. Especially if you put them in the DVD player.


Special Edition # 22

28 Weeks Later DVD CoverKen Loach finally gets a DVD collection worthy to his name, the horror continues seven months after everyone thought it has ended and Shane Meadows proves that he's still one of the best UK directors today. Add in more classic and contemporary films and - of course - some of the best comedy and TV shows available then you've really got no excuse: read Special Editon # 22 before you go shopping as Laurence Boyce gives you the best tips on what to buy. Don't ask him about what to get for wedding gifts though. He's useless at that....


Special Edition # 21

Sunshine DVD CoverIt seems to me that I always talk about the weather in the introduction to these columns. I’ve vowed that I was going to stop that. Unfortunately, Danny Boyle’s latest film has kind of scuppered that. So I have to mention that, considering the general rain, it’s good that Special Edition # 21 has a new film that can bring some brightness into all our lives. Laurence Boyce also has his usual rag bag of re-releases, TV shows and Doctor Who. Enjoy!


Special Edition # 20

If.. DVD CoverGiven that the UK Film Council have announced that the next few months will be the 'Summer Of British Film' (appropriate given the bloody awful weather at the moment) it's good to see that Special Edition # 20 (yes, break out the champagne as we've made it to 20) has plenty of great British films for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own homes. Alongside the homegrown product, Laurence Boyce also looks at some contemporary drama, classic TV shows and a film about bestiality. Wait, what was that last one again?