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Special Edition: Easter Egg

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull DVD CoverWhilst you wait in breathless anticipation for Special Edition # 27, Laurence Boyce gives you a quick Special Edition: Easter Egg update with one of the biggest summer blockbusters now available for your delectation as Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (Paramount Home Entertainment) is now available to buy as double disc edition. Well, we know that it’s the run up to Christmas and that you need all the info that Special Edition brings you….

Yes, Indiana’s back and this time he’s fighting the Soviets, as he goes searching for the Crystal Skull and hooks up with old flame Marion Ravenwood from Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Along the way he also hooks with Ray Winstone and Shia LaBeouf’s juvenile delinquent to save the world, fight Cate Blanchett and show people how fedora’s should be worn. Despite the fact that it was given a bit of a critical mauling, the film is still a lot of fun. It just lacks some of the humanity that the previous films in the series had. Indeed, it has a lot to live up to and it can’t really match the magic and inventiveness of its older brothers. But if you forget about lost arks and temples of doom and take the film on its own terms, then you will still find much to enjoy. And, of course, being a Lucasfilm the DVD is stuffed with thousands of extras, including a massively comprehensive production diary, featurettes and a guide on how to avoid ‘bad dates’. OK, I lied about the last one.

Look out for the Special Edition # 28, coming soon!