This page is over 10 years old. Some things have changed since then.

Special Edition # 19

Jan Svankmajer – The Complete Short Films DVD CoverLaurence Boyce has a lot to catch up on as he’s been under water for the last couple of weeks. Nope, he’s not been on a fun diving holiday. He’s been in the city of Hull, which – for those of you who haven’t been following the news – has the kind of weather that would make Noah very happy. He wrings himself out and removes the damp from his DVD player to find there’s silence, pubs, satire and journalism abound in the latest batch of DVD releases. So, let Special Edition # 19 take you on a journey through some of the best new films that have been unleashed onto the unsuspecting shelves over the past few weeks.


Special Edition # 18

 A Fritz Lang Boxset DVD Cover

It seems that DVD companies have decided to educate us in cinema history as they’ve gone ‘auteur crazy’ with a number of box sets and new releases containing the greatest work of some of the most famous and influential directors of the past hundred years. So if your DVD collection is mostly populated by the films of Steve Guttenberg and Pauly Shore, then you’d better read Special Edition # 19 to learn how to make your disc shelf that little more impressive. And guess what? Laurence Boyce also looks at a new Doctor Who release. That’s not like him...


Special Edition # 17

 The Wim Wender Box Set DVD CoverThere's a real air of independence with Special Edition # 17 as there’s no Hollywood blockbusters in sight. Instead there are movies from across the world, which show the real diversity of things available to movie goers nowadays. Whether it’s French horror, some classic documentaries or a curious Sci-Fi film then Laurence Boyce is here to show you can find just about anything to keep you amused. And, as always, there are also plenty of TV releases and the usual gratuitous references to Doctor Who. Ahhhh, it really feels like spring…


Special Edition # 16

Casino Royale DVD CoverIt’s a chock full column this time around as some of the biggest blockbusters of last year find their way onto DVD. So join Special Edition # 16 as Laurence Boyce reviews the re-invention of one of Britain’s cinematic icons, the re-release of one of the most famous films of the 90s and – just so we don’t start getting too serious – some classic cartoons that a generation of kids all grew up with. There’s also the feature film debut of a certain Kazakhstani journalist that has done rather well for himself over the past few month. Nice!


Special Edition # 15

Marie Antoinette DVD CoverIt’s starting to become an interesting time to be a DVD fan. With an increasing number of movies being released on the format for a second time (watch out in the next column for a review of the upcoming ‘Definitive Edition’ of Fight Club which might gall the thousands who bought the already extra laden DVD only a – comparatively - scant few years ago) and talk of Blu-Ray and the like, there’s never been a more obvious opportunity for people to make money out of the consumer for the same thing over and over again. Then again, DVD has allowed a number of films and unknown TV shows to finally fight their way out of dusty vaults and into the living rooms of those who would love and cherish them. As Special Edition #15 (and most of the rest of the columns) shows there’s an eclectic wide range of films new and old that are being introduced to a whole new set of film fans. Where else can Laurence Boyce get excited about Hitchcock going via the Queen of France and some hard edged TV drama outside of a crazy man’s dream?


Special Edition # 14

Volver DVD CoverLook out as the heavy hitters from Cannes 2006 are starting to make their way onto DVD as Special Edition # 14 contains reviews two of the very best from last year’s festival. Laurence Boyce also sees that DVD producers are suddenly suffering from outbreaks of common sense, as numerous great –and forgotten – TV shows are unleashed on the buying public. There’s even a little bit of a TARDIS traveller and his spin off show for those so inclined. Its enough to make you a shut in for the rest of the month (don’t joke though: how do you think that I reviewed these?



Special Edition # 13

Belle De Jour DVD CoverDid anyone miss me? Didn’t think so…. Anyway,  due to an extended absence due to illness, work and alien abduction (OK, not really on the last one) the column that gives you all you need to know on the most eclectic DVD’s around has been conspicuously absent. Indeed, given its number, Special Edition # 13 has felt somewhat jinxed. But thanks to a combination of willpower and Vitamin C, Laurence Boyce has made a superhuman comeback for 2007 and not only looks ahead to some of the DVDs coming out over the next few weeks and – given that some of you probably still have Christmas vouchers that you’re dying to spend – also picks up on some of the best discs he’s missed whilst he’s been away.


Special Edition # 12

The Deer Hunter: Special Edition DVD Cover Laurence Boyce takes time out of his busy schedule (well, takes time out of watching DVDs) to bring you the latest round of the DVDs that should either rock your world or destroy your faith in humanity in Special Edition # 12. Note that there's one film he doesn't like at all. I wonder if you'll be able to tell which one it is...


Special Edition # 11

 As the nights begin to draw in and the weather becomes increasingly cold (well, at least here in the jolly old UK - you could be reading this anywhere across the world whilst basking in tropical sunshine for all I know) what better time to curl up be the fire and purchase some DVDs to keep you company.

But what DVDs should you buy? Thank goodness that Special Edition # 11 is here to tell what's what. And, as you will see, this time around it's a bit of a monster.