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Documentary Director Tries Drama in 'The Last King of Scotland'


Forest Whitaker plays the murderous Ugandan President Idi Amin, the self-styled 'Last King of Scotland'Oscar-winning documentarian Kevin Macdonald (One Day in September) hadn't been harbouring a strong desire to do a dramatic film. "The pleasure of documentaries are in the spontaneity," he says.

But after working with actors in his last film, the documentary re-enactment Touching the Void, and feeling the need to expand his technique, Macdonald decided to venture into the dramatic realm with The Last King of Scotland. which opens in the US on Wednesday in limited release.


Hollywood’s New Original Stories Look Unveiled This Autumn


Full House? - hopefully, with better cinema programmesAfter years of sequels and prequels and remakes of successes from the past, there are signs at last that Hollywood may have begun to listen to filmgoers saying they want to see good original films....  

Almost 150 new films will be released in the US between September to December, including a crop of Oscar hopefuls  and high-concept stories featuring star names, but few big-budget franchises like the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films.


I'm Bad... But it's Only an Act


Nightclub Bouncer Talent Spotted For Gangster Role

RISING STAR: Doorman Billy Hodge, far left, is one of the stars in the upcoming film Diary of a Bad LadA nightclub bouncer who was talent-spotted as a gangster while at work in Blackburn, Lancashire, is carving out a career in TV and film. Billy Hodge, 40, will appear in the film Diary of a Bad Lad as Big Billy - a businessman and gangster's right-hand man. His talents will hit the big screen when Diary of a Bad Lad reaches general release at the end of this year.


Rocket Post Arrives Five Years Late


Award-Winning Film Gets an Outing at Last

Rocket Post - lands a distribution deal at lastIt was supposed to be a cinema blockbuster - the true story of a German scientist trying to deliver Scottish mail by rocket. But five years after shooting ended, and two years after the director died, The Rocket Post has only now landed a distribution deal.

The film appears to have set the record for the longest time taken for a major production to go from the last shout of "cut" to cinema release.


Small Cinemas Innovate to Compete With Multiplexes


In Prague, Some Work Together; Others Offer New Events

Prague independent cinemas like Kino Aero struggle to survive the multiplex ageAs multiplexes continue to flood the country, traditional single-screen movie houses are struggling to stay afloat and are having to come up with new strategies to compete. This trend is particularly pronounced in Prague, where only 13 small theatres remain, down from 57 in 1990. Most have simply been unable to compete with multiplexes. This winter Bio Illusion, an old art-house theater in Prague 2, became the most recent example of the trend.


Stormbreaker Storms a Million On Opening Weekend


Producer Marc Samuelson and star Bill Nighy in attendance at the Isle of man's Villa MarinaStormbreaker stormed the UK Box Office over its opening weekend, taking over £1m, according to producer Marc Samuelson who was attending a gala presentation of Stormbreaker in Douglas, Isle of Man, where the film was made.

The event brought a real taste of Hollywood to the Manx capital with the film's star Bill Nighy, author Anthony Horowitz and movie producer Marc Samuelson all in attendance at the black-tie event at the Villa Marina.


One Million Canoes – Aussies Flock Top See Aboriginal Morality Tale


After 30 years in film, Australian Rolf de Heer gets a commercial hit.

Award-winner Ten Canoes was shot casting local actorsAfter only two weeks in cinemas, Ten Canoes, the film by Rolf de Heer and the people of Ramingining, has taken over one million dollars at the Australian box office, it was announced by Palace Films today. Ten Canoes had its World Premiere at the Adelaide Festival in March, was awarded a Special Jury Prize at the Cannes International Film Festival in May and opened the Sydney Film Festival in June.

Opening on 29 June on 30 screens, Ten Canoes had a week 1 screen average of $16,218, second only to Superman Returns. After the second weekend, in direct competition with the opening weekend of Pirates of the Caribbean 2, the Ten Canoes box office result recorded only a 3% drop, and by the end of the second week of release, the film achieved a box office result of $1,043,789.