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Jim Poole Seeking Scotland's Short Film Talent

Scotland's premiere short film award is open again, for its seventh year, to showcase the very best of Scotland's short film talent. The Jim Poole Scottish Short Film Award was launched in 1999 by the Cameo Cinema to jointly celebrate its fiftieth birthday and to demonstrate a commitment to supporting emerging filmmaking talent in Scotland.


Crash Confounds Oscar Predictions in Night of the Indies

Rachel WeiszNick ParkPaul Haggis' Crash beat Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain to the best film award at the Oscars on Sunday in a night which favoured independent titles over studio pictures, and saw the brits pick seven gongs. The race relations drama also won best original screenplay and the award for best film editing.

Brit winners pictured - Rachel Weisz & Nick Park (click the photos for exclusive in-depth netribution interviews from Stephen  Applebaum).



New Oscar Set Revealed in All its Glory

oscar setThe new set for the film world's greatest drama - the Academy Awards, has been unveiled in Hollywood. It was created by Roy Christopher who has designed for the show since 1979.

 Pictured is Christopher with his design for the 2004 Oscar ceremony. His 2006 design is much miore glamourous and can be seen below, unveiled for the first time........