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New writing competition Killer Script launches

Killer Script Launches!

Bournemouth, Dorset – White Lantern Film has teamed up with screen actor Mem Ferda to launch the exciting movie script search, KILLER SCRIPT!

[Editor's note - many years ago Mem Ferda posted an advert on Netribution offering himself as a lead actor for short films.]

Mem’s undeniable appeal first came to the attention of the media when he made his screen debut in Guy Ritchie’s controversial film Revolver. Now with over 40 credits to his name, Mem Ferda is clearly one of the UK’s most sought after talents. Renowned for his portrayal of dark characters in films such as the black ops thriller Legacy, the British Gangster film The Crew, the upcoming Lee Tamahori film The Devil's Double and recently completed The Veteran, Mem has now teamed up with award winning production company White Lantern Film to find the next, great, British Independent horror or thriller, in which he is to star.  The ultimate KILLER SCRIPT.

Having recently completed EMULSION (d. Suki Singh), featuring Mem Ferda and produced by White Lantern Film, the team have reunited with a £100k film development and seed fund to seek out high-concept, gritty, psychological films that have international appeal.  Horror and thriller stories are highly desirable, as long as they attempt to exceed typical B-movie fare. Screenplays should push boundaries and expectations, and introduce us to environments and situations that are intriguing and fresh. Memento, Leon, Irreversible, Bad Lieutenant and 21 Grams are all good examples of the kind of stories that will make the next Killer Script.

If you feel you have the next Killer Script, then click onto and submit your three page logline along with the first ten pages of your script.  If selected, your script will be taken into development and produced by White Lantern Film starring Mem Ferda with a star-studded supporting cast.



0 # Look forward to it !Guest 2010-09-08 08:05
I look forward to seeing a feature with Mem Ferda at the helm. White Lantern certainly look like an exciting production company. It all looks promising !
Best of Luck