This page is over 10 years old. Some things have changed since then.

The Co-Op increases funding for British Youth Film Academy

A professional youth film company that has worked with over 10,000 young people in the past year has received a massive boost with The Co-operative Group announcing its continued support and funding until at least 2014.

Forming an integral part of its commitment to Inspiring Young People, The Co-operative’s £1.2 million, six year, partnership with The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy (BYFA) is helping to create the UK’s most accessible youth film making academy.

With eight films in the can and, a further four planned for 2011, students are mentored by professionals from both the film industry and education and offered everything from acting to make-up, wardrobe to camera and, post production through to the red-carpet experience.



Co-op puts £500k in Youth Film Academy to make features with 14-25 year-olds


A professional youth film company is searching for young movie-making talent for its latest full-length feature-films to be made in four UK regions during this year’s summer holidays. The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy (BYFA) is holding auditions for the cast and crew of its latest films, offering young people the chance to experience the thrills and challenges of professional feature-film production.

The Co-operative Group’s £500,000 support for BYFA - part of its commitment to Inspiring Young People – this year, enables BYFA to offer more students a chance to experience the many aspects of film-making.

Embarking on its ‘epic’ challenge to simultaneously make four full-length feature films, in four UK regions - East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire and the North West - during this year’s school summer holidays, BYFA offers a unique educational opportunity for hundreds of young people - giving 14-25 year-olds, with an eye on a career in film, the chance to showcase their creativity and see their work on the silver-screen.

Todd Carty (left), well known for roles in Eastenders and The Bill, has been involved in three BYFA productions and is a supporter of the Academy, he said: “It is a terrific experience. I have loved every minute of it and the energy of the young people is fantastic. It is extremely inspiring to work with a group of such motivated individuals and the positive impact on all who participate is clear to see.”

Students are supported by mentors from the film industry and education and offered everything from acting to make-up, wardrobe to camera and, from post production through to the red carpet experience.


Young Film Academy, Bringing the UK Film Industry to Britain’s schools.

From Michael Gandy @ Young Film Academy

Young Film Academy (YFA) is not your usual filmmaking teaching provider. YFA founders James Walker and Ed Boase are teaching young filmmakers and making waves in the professional film world too, with their award-winning film production company, Magma Pictures - sister company to Young Film Academy.

The Young Film Academy (YFA) is the UK’s leading educational filmmaking provider for schools in both the secondary and state sectors. Young Film Academy is a unique teaching organisation - directly linked to the UK film industry. Recently YFA have been working with the film industry’s education body, Film Education, getting the winners of the Young Film Critic of the Year Award (held at a star studded ceremony at BAFTA) behind the camera in their schools.

Every year Young Film Academy helps over 5000 young people in more than 50 schools produce their first digital films. Their unique and hugely popular practical filmmaking programme, The One Day Film School (, is opening student and teachers’ eyes alike to the possibilities of digital filmmaking within schools and the curriculum. Young Film Academys’ mission is simple: to get young people making films. The future of the British film industry depends on it.


Arts Beyond the Classroom brings parents and children together to explore art and blog about it

It's easy to talk about the digital revolution and the benefits of giving everyone a free and open platform for self-expression if the only people who use the best of the webs tools are contained to one social or economic group. I've previously trained people how to publish online and use CMSs, but I'd never had to teach people to write a blog who had not only never blogged before, but possibly never written publicly, or owned an email address.

"I think what i have learnt the most about this project is.......wait for SELF BELIEF. If an artist or anyone, writes, sings, dances or sculpts etc and believes they have done a good job, well thats all that matters....i have doubted myself in the past, lacked believing in myself and what i can achieve....”
Our first visit to the Tate Modern by Alison and Keon

One of the more enjoyable projects of recent years Netribution has worked on, Arts Beyond the Classroom ( is a pilot project from A New Direction, the new name for Creative Partnerships London, in association with two primary schools in inner London with a reputaiton for arts and creativity - and creatively driven by Eelyn Lee Productions.

20 children and their parents in both schools were taken to experience London's cultural delights, including film at the BFI, art at Tate Modern, dance at Sadlers Welles and music at the Royal Festival Hall (and the oft forgotten museums, via St John Soames). The trips were accompanied with workshops for the parents and children, and both parties were encouraged to blog about their experience on a group blog Netribution set up for the project.

"The Hip Hop was extraordinary. I always thought I was too old for hip hop; I never 'got' breakdancing... I thought it was all for young people"
The Creative Party at Sadlers Wells by nickcan

What was originally intended to be a way for the project funders to track the success of the pilot scheme, became a major output in itself, with some (perhaps 10%?) of the bloggers really taking to it and both finding a platform to express themselves honestly, and often a unique style or format.

"Going to the dance was a fantastic experience. My grandmother who was very formal and austere used to take me to the ballet and i absolutely hated it"
The dance workshop and Sadlers Wells by ivan and chrissie

The process was filmed and edited by Eelyn Lee Producitons, one of London's more acclaimed film and video in education delivery organisations. Here's a few of their videos for the project below, including a roasting of the Royal Festival Hall's classical concert for kids, with more at Vimeo (which I set up before I bothered to read the license agreement in full - doh!).


Calling all budding actors and actresses: Star in a new film from the creators of Skins!

The makers of Skins need you! It's your chance to work with Company Pictures and the team of bright young things who were recruited on the Skins website at the end of last year (if you're a Skins regular, you might remember the big shout out we made for talented writers, directors and designers – well, this is them!).

The team will be creating a brand new short film in April to be shown exclusively online, and we're looking for people to star in it.

To find out all you need to know head to E4.

The closing date for applications will be Monday 13th April 2009 at 23:59 p

Good Luck!



Skins – new ways to get involved..

take_part.jpgFrom Emma Carter:

"The good folk at e4 are giving you lucky people more chances than ever to get involved in Skins.

Series 3 will be with us soon, and this time round they need your creative juices flowing early! They’re after your acting skills, your music, your directing, your writing and much much more.  Details of how to become an extra in Series 3, and to have your music played as part of the Skins soundtrack are already live on so get there quick to be in with a chance.

And a competition has also just gone live where one lucky person will win a speaking role in the third series – pretty big stuff we hope you agree!  This is just the beginning – between now and Christmas they’ll have plenty of other ways for you to be involved in the show – very soon they’re going to be recruiting for directing talent, writing talent and more...They’re sworn to secrecy at the moment but can assure you it's worth the wait, so keep your eyes peeled on for all the details.

Chance to get your music in Skins  | Chance to become an extra in Skins | Competition for an acting/speaking part in a later episode of Skins Series 3 "



Young Writers and Filmmakers Given the Chance to Showcase Talent to Key Players in Film Industry


Get Connected, the charity that provides a helpline for young people, are launching Nobody's Perfect, a new website for young writers, actors and directors to showcase their talents to professional writers, producers and directors. Young people between 16 and 25 can submit film, scripts and music to win the chance to produce six short films that address issues like self-harm, sexuality and bullying. 

Top British movie producer Nick O'Hagan (Fever Pitch, Tideland) is supporting Nobody's Perfect by judging entrants and mentoring the winners.

"I'm always on the lookout for new British talent and I'm confident this competition will unearth some exciting young writers and directors and I look forward to working with them on the project."




Get Connected and Silence Launch 'Nobody's Perfect' web film contest


From Silence: 

Get Connected, the charity that provides a helpline for young people, and digital advertising agency Silence are launching a website, Nobody's Perfect, for young filmmakers and actors to showcase their talents to professional movie directors and producers. They can submit film, music and scripts to win the chance of helping to produce 6 short films that address issues like self-harm, sexuality and bullying. 

"Get Connected provides a confidential phone, email and web-chat service for under-25s and this competition will let them communicate their feelings in a way that's relevant to them," says Chloe Darlington, External Affairs Manager at Get Connected. "We chose to work with Silence because of their unrivalled knowledge of the digital environment and their enthusiasm for attracting entrants and rallying the film industry."

British movie producer Nick O'Hagan (Fever Pitch, Wilde, Daylight Robbery) is supporting Nobody's Perfect by judging entrants and mentoring the winners. "I'm really pleased to be supporting this project," says Nick. "I feel passionate about finding ways to help young people express themselves through the arts. Hopefully we'll be able to uncover some exciting new talent."


Digital Debuts Calls Filmmaking Talent to Cinema Showcase


Eagerly Waiting the Pheonix ShowcaseAn exciting new project in its second year is calling all young talented film makers to submit their short films to the 2nd Digital Debut showcase at the Phoenix Cinema in London on the 21st September 2007.

Catch the Moon Productions which organises Digital Debut is keen to give film makers an opportunity to show films, up to 15 minutes long, on the wide screen at one of the leading independent cinemas in the UK.