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Submit your brush-stroke for Co-Op BYFA's crowd-animated Richard II


A new movie by The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy is drawing on community creativity to add the finishing touches to its first ever animated feature.

Richard II” was shot during last year’s school summer holidays with The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy’s (BYFA) creative mix of students and professionals from the world of film and education.

Now in post-production, the movie is undergoing BYFA’s new special visual affects treatment which converts live-action into realistic animation.


How to support the indie film & music companies who lost 1000s of DVDs/CDs in Enfield fire

00:38 9/8/2011: Camden Town, LondonAs well as helping the countless small businesses and shops who've lost stock and suffered damage, buying digital downloads from any of the indie companies who've lost all their stock in the huge depot fire in Enfield would be a nice thing to do. It might mean the difference for some between surviving or closing as they try to manage cashflow in the weeks or months it will take for the insurance to come thru, when many are already struggling. If you know of other companies, please let me know - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Below are the links to the main websites for each distributor I could find - they should of course also be available thru normal channels (LoveFilm, Amazon, iTunes, etc). Bear in mind if you're ordering DVDs there will probably a good wait for delivery - even better perhaps is if you say in the notes with your order that you are in no rush - and to preferably buy a download/stream.

Update 1 -  Brendan Connelly at Bleeding Cool is also building a good list - worth checking as it has direct links to specific titles that can be downloaded/streamed

Update 2 - Network DVD have taken their shop offline and promise it back within a few weeks. I'm not sure if this because of legal requirements to ship within 28 days of order, or if it will cause problems with their system. Either way perhaps a sign that it might be best not to buy DVDs from distributors before they've had a chance to either take off their shop or publish a statement.

Update 3 - Artificial Eye and Human Film also confirmed. The Bleeding Cool list has lots more direct links and other distributors. 

Arrow - to buy DVDs

Artificial Eye - lost their entire 300-title stock.

BFI - has lost 120,000 units with lots to chose from. Get on DVD or preferably online at Jaman, BlinkBox or LoveFilm or get a membership to download films and more.

Dogwoof - distributor of social documentaries lost 50,000 units. for iTunes, for DVD club (worth joining), Pop-up Cinema to organise a screening and for streaming

Guerilla Films - tireless supporter of British indies has lost 60,000 units. to buy DVDs

Human Film - producers of Aahlam and Son of Babylon

Kaledoscope - can't currently find a direct link to buy, but they will be on sites like

Metrodome - DVDs available to buy in subsites under Critical Acclaim, Epic Asia, Horror, Action/Thriller and War as well as normal download platforms.

Network DVD - lost all their stock and are not taking online orders until things are back to normal in 'a few weeks'. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Pecadillo Pictures - lost 50-60,000 units. to get DVDs and iTunes links from their Facebook page.

Revolver - Revolver DVD/Blue Ray here, LoveFilm, BlinkBox and iTunes links here.

Urbanized Film - aka Gary Hutwist, director of Helvetica and Objectified. You can buy Helvetica here, Objectified here, and in the US get tickets to the new film Urbanized here.

Meanwhile there were over 150 independent record labels using PIAS distribution - including Domino, XL, One Little Indian and Warp whose stock has been destroyed, leaving companies 'devestated'. There's a list here -


Introducing a new social network for filmmakers

From ShoutFilm's Steven Waterfall:

We are pleased to announce the launch of ShoutFILM, a social networking site tailored specifically for filmmakers of all ages and skill levels. Members can share their work and communicate with each other with ease. ShoutFILM is the based on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and founded by filmmakers for filmmakers.

ShoutFILM incluces:

  • Free, quick and easy sign up.
  • Cinema - View, rate and write reviews for independent films and upload your own trailers, showreels or completed films to the cinema.
  • Studio - Follow the progress of independent films currently in production as well as posting your own.
  • Scripts - Find your next film script and get it direct from writers.
  • Production Companies - Add your production company and allow fans to follow your current projects in development.
  • and more!

ShoutFILM is completely free, sign up is required to access all the site has to offer. Check it out at


Bollocks To Poverty offering the job of a lifetime....

black-on-blue-hand_1This in from Emma Carter about the latest project from our pals at Good Pilot, Chris Aldhous and Pete Hodgson, who we previously worked with on the HyPe Gallery, and who ditched the big corporate ad world soon after to focus on projects they believed in, including this provocatively-titled youth campaign for Action Aid.

Bollocks To Poverty, the youth arm of international charity Action Aid, are looking to recruit a 'Tour Ambassador'. It's a once of a lifetime opportunity for any music lovers to be the official "Bollocks To Poverty' representative at Reading and Freeze Festivals - hanging out backstage and interviewing top bands.

In a novel recruitment strategy, there will be no interview, assesment or tests but candidates simply have to put on a Bollocks To Poverty themed event (anything from a private screening to a gig to a bake off), and upload images, video and copy about it to the offical Bollocks To Poverty site. All the events will be judged by a celebrity judging panel which includes Watford punks, Gallows, and the winner gets the job.

More information is on the Bollocks To Poverty official site here.


Save John Lennon's Cinema!

The entrance hall of The Woolton Cinema where John Lennon went to the picturesWoolton Cinema in Liverpool is an historical landmark which first opened to the public in 1927. It was frequented by John Lennon and was also the scene of some early Beatles' wooing of local ladies and features on the Magical Mystery Tour. It is loved by Liverpudlians, but it is in danger of bei ng lost through demolition, despite a community campaign in the city to save it.

Maurice Gleeson of Liverpool writes: A friend of mine is trying to save one of the last remaining Independent Cinemas in Britain from demolition and needs your help! As film-makers, we rely heavily on independent cinema for the type of movies we make, so saving this cinema is an investment in our own future!!


Impact of Film Tourism Research Questionnaire


University of NottinghamNetribution readers are being asked to cooperate in research about the effect films and TV have on tourism decisions made by the general public

The research is being carried out by the University of Nottingham and the findings will be used in a variety of ways and are available for all who want to see them.  Those taking part in the questionnaire are asked to list  their tp five favourite British films and TV programmes across a number of genres.

Lists of British films and British TV programmes are provided

To take part in the survey and to register to have the results sent to you go HERE


Map of Movies Made in Wales Could Boost Tourism

Made in Wales Movie Map The magic of the movies is set to create a million pound bonanza for North Wales. Tourism bosses have created a map showing the locations of films and television programmes shot in North Wales. The aim is to cash in on the phenomenal interest in the movie and television industries by attracting an extra 30,000 visitors to the region every year.


Film Opportunity for the Streetwise

Streetwise - The Mitre, High St, EdinburghStreetwise - Edinburgh’s high definition short film Scheme to capture 'the streets of Edinburgh' has been launched for hopeful filmmakers. Five films, drama or documentary, with the most imaginative response to the theme will be commissioned as part of the Streetwise Films initiative being run by the Pilton Video group.