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FilmStew gives thumbs up as handbook prepares to launch Stateside

"Each one of the book's four main sections, printed it must be noted in a highly readable font, is a veritable treasure trove of information and inspiration."

ye-olde-advertAs we prepares to launch the Film Finance Handbook, How To Fund Your Film in the US, we're delighted to see a big thumbs up by one of the US's top film news sites. It's an interesting experience launching it, as a UK based one-title-self-publisher, attempting to launch our product in America, without the budget to so much as fly out there and promote it ourselves.

But we have been helped in no small part by the excellent Trafalgar Sqaure Publishing, the UK-import imprint of the IPG group, one of the biggest indie book distributors there. I had experience of the American entreprenrial, hard-working collaborative and enthusiastic work spirit when launching Shooting People in New York, but this has really impressed me. When I consider all our business communication has been virtual, without so much as a trip to the states to shake hands and sign paperwork. Emails are received and replied on Saturday evening, people seem to actually enjoy work, and it appears as if the organisation from the CEO down are all wanting to make the book a success there. 

 It's ironic that the Americans, like Cannes Film Marche, Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook and the NPA, can recognise something worth supporting, while here the book has had no support for the UK Film Council (or other institutions) besides an advert they took out to promote a competing free film funding info service they provide. Yet it will be a huge advantage in introducing to American producers the new UK tax incentive and funding opportunities, the very thing the Film Council should be working on. Indeed, with British spelling throughout, liberal use of pound sterling, and case studies with dozens of new British film talent the book could be seen as a great bit of PR for the UK industry. 

 book review from

An Impressive Handbook

Though the emphasis is on the international rather than on the domestic, a new global edition of The Film Finance Handbook deserves a place in the laptop bag of any serious indie U.S. filmmaker.



Draw your hero competition for new Nick Hornby novel Slam

Slam the new novel by Nick Hornby bestselling author of Fever Pitch and About A Boy is coming out in October 2007.

It stars Sam, a 16 year-old skater whose girlfriend gets pregnant and his whole world flips upside down. He turns to his idol for advice, skate legend Tony Hawk, talking to him through the poster on his bedroom wall.

Which role model would you turn to for guidance? Which hero deserves a place of honour on your bedroom wall?

You could WIN the chance to have your poster of your hero exhibited at London’s Design Museum and be a VIP at Slam’s London Launch Party


Pan Macmillan launch treasure hunt...

Pan Macmillan launch a treasure hunt to launch David Baldacci's new book The Collectors.

Pan Macmillian have recently released this new crime novel by eleven-times New York Times bestselling author of Absolute Power, Total Control, The Winner, The Simple Truth, Hour Game and The Camel Club.

To go along with the theme of Pan Macmillian have launched an online treasure hunt to find codes all over the net to promote his new book 'The Collectors' and there are lots of prizes up for grabs including a trip to Washington.