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Free online premiere of excellent lowfi Scots comedy feature, One Day Removals

French-based video sharing site Dailymotion is continuing its short-run free streams of independent British films with the Online World Premiere of the new feature One Day Removals, directed by Scottish filmmaker Mark Stirton. The 88-minute film will be available online from 12pm GMT on Friday 30th January, until midnight on Monday 2nd February.


[the ALLVideos embed link doesn't seem to be working, so best view it on Daily Motion (def worth a look)]

As one of the Daily Motion commenters, stepgib says:

"I was expecting an amateur movie with dodgy acting and mismatched scenes, yet I intended to be positive about it to support Scottish talent. But after watching it, I can honestly say that it was a joy to watch.

It was incredibly funny watching these two unlucky guys attempting to get themselves out of a mess but making it worse along the way. There was not one point in the movie I thought to myself "Yeah, right. THAT'S gonna happen", even though the situations themselves were a freak of nature.

That was the beauty of the film, it did not feel contrived or made me feel I was watching something that I had seen done many times before, it developed with some "common sense" which is lacking in most UK movies these days. The ending alone was priceless. How unlucky can you get?
‘One Day Removals’ follows the adventures of two unremarkable Scottish removal men in Aberdeen, Andy and Ronnie. They have been running their business for several years and nothing interesting has ever happened. But it just takes one bad day to change everything, and suddenly no one is safe. See trailers, clips and cast and crew interviews on Dailymotion here