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Network's Peter Finch 'Mad as Hell' remixed

Peter Finch in Network tells it how it is, remixed by videobeats/pixm.

Free online premiere of excellent lowfi Scots comedy feature, One Day Removals

French-based video sharing site Dailymotion is continuing its short-run free streams of independent British films with the Online World Premiere of the new feature One Day Removals, directed by Scottish filmmaker Mark Stirton. The 88-minute film will be available online from 12pm GMT on Friday 30th January, until midnight on Monday 2nd February. {dmotion}x86rbx{/dmotion} [the ALLVi...

Darth Vadar Sings the Blues

We were chatting the other night about how the Death Star, for all its evil genius as a total killing machine, was really badly designed. I mean from a defensive point of view – a huge open port, with no gun turrets inside, leading to a big self destruct button. And Darth, despite all his Jedi training, is a pretty lousy pursuer of Luke. So we wondered if, at the end of Episode...

Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Howard Hawks Triple Bill

When I was very young I was never as excited by films as I was by going to the theatre - it wasn't until my teens that I started geeking out on films.  The only only exception to that is Buster Keaton, I watched anything and everything by that man. The fact that he directed and wrote and stared in his films was one thing. But that he did his own stunts -  that made him a G...