Second BB Australia Housemate Claims Sexual Abuse


Big Brother in Australia runs into sexual assault scandal accusation problemsThe Big Brother sexual assault scandal deepened last night as a past housemate on the Australian show claimed she had also been victim to similar abuse while in the house. Meanwhile, Cox and Bric, who were accused in the original sexual assault allegation and had to leave the house, said in an interview they were "mucking around."


As producer Endemol faces a flurry of negative headlines around the world, Rita Lazzarotto, a 30-year-old nurse who appeared on the series last year, said she was "turkey slapped" at night by male contestant Heath Tournier, meaning he had forced his crotch area into her face. Lazzarotto said Big Brother producers then left the decision if Tournier should be kicked out of the house up to her.

Endemol and Network Ten moved to address the crisis last night, interrupting regular programming last night to broadcast an interview with the two male housemates - Michael Cox, 20, and Michael Bric - removed from the house at the weekend.

The pair described the incident, where Cox forced his crotch into the face of female housemate Camilla Halliwell while in bed at 4am on Saturday, as a practical joke "blown out of proportion". "We were mucking around, having a good time, and obviously we didn't intend on hurting Camilla in any way," Cox said. "Obviously she has been a little bit hurt."

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