Raw Cuts – Teenage Ideas on Vulnerability to Air on Channel 4


Four Unknowns Get Broadcast Writing Credit

Raw Cuts - films on a theme of vulnerability 

Four films written by teenagers are now in post- production, preparing for peak-time broadcast on Channel 4 this autumn. Over 1,500 film ideas were submitted for Raw Cuts, a joint writing initiative set up between the National Society for the Protection of Children and Channel 4.


The header used to attract entries to Raw Cuts 

Twenty film ideas were shortlisted the furthest entrants ranging from Derry in Northern Ireland to Caithess in Scotlandand. These ideas were developed during a week-long workshop session held in London.

Topics covered during the week included The Production Process, Visual Storytelling, Directing Masterclasses, a Pitching Session and Writing Workshops

Four were finally commissioned for C4's 3 Minute Wonder slot, which runs after Channel 4 News on weeknights and they will air in October. Three of the films are live action shorts and one is an animation, which will be the first UK production using TVpaint animation software.

The films screened in October come from

Ben Westerman (13) from Doncaster

James Grealish (19) from Bristol

Megan-Louise Elliott (15) from Lewes

Nicky Docherty (17) from Derby

Fatso... tubby... fat lump of lard...
Ben's animated character is called a lot of names by his bullies.

Megan's story is a cautionary tale of a girl's night out that goes disastrously wrong.

James' story is one that is all too common - a boy who gets viciously attacked. But what is remarkable about the tale is how the boy turns things around and turns all the negative things in his life into a positive.

A familiar story told in an unfamiliar way, Nicky's tale centred around the single moment when a young girl's life changes forever and the family unit is shattered.

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