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On Red Road To Success in US


Red Road, Andrea Arnold's award-winning featureThe award-winning Scottish film Red Road is already receiving acclaim in the American press, ahead of its Stateside launch.  The first feature film by Oscar-winning director Andrea Arnold is set in Glasgow. It features Katie Dickie's harrowing portrayal of a CCTV operator whose life is turned upside down when a shadowy figure from her past appears on the monitor in front of her.

The film will get its first US showings at the Lincoln Plaza and Sunshine cinemas in New York, and the Nuart, in Los Angeles, on April 13.

Gene Seymour, writing for Newsday, in New York, called it "a cunning psychological thriller", and "an ingeniously crafted, well-acted movie".


The New York Times called the director "a major new talent", adding: "Ms Arnold deals in dark realism, but there is a compassionate, redemptive quality to her work."

Between now and the end of June, audiences across the US will have the chance to pass judgment on the film which was one of the success stories of the Cannes Film Festival.

It will be shown in Washington, Hawaii, San Diego, Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Boston, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta and Denver.

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