This page is over 10 years old. Some things have changed since then.

Doddle and Handheld Production Tools

The very first business plan for Netribution back in 1999 included online call sheets that automatically filled in certain details like location maps and contact details. It never happened, so it's good to see it finally reality in DoddlePro, but this time without having to print the call sheets as it's using smart phones. Brent Burdick submitted the skinny - Ed.

doddlePRO ( is a smart phone production app that allows users to organize film projects by creating paperless call sheets directly on their phone. These digital call sheets can be distributed as PDF's and digitally via e-mail to all of your crew members. Users can view the weather conditions at any listed location, locate vendors, highlight hospitals and police in the area, and with GPS capabilities, can find their destination with step-by-step directions. doddlePRO eliminates the need for bulky, wasteful paper production guides.

doddlePRO is the companion to doddle, a continuously updated database of business and individuals that pertain to the entertainment industry. doddle – slang for "an easy task" – benefits anyone in the film and TV industry by allowing users to search for vendors, crew, talent, locations, film offices and other resources anywhere in the world. In its next generation, producers will now be able to access, amend and push call sheet information from their computer using doddle's call sheets online. Information will sync automatically between the online and mobile versions, allowing a producer to connect and use doddle's resources in even more locations.


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