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Viacom signs deal to let people repost video on MySpace

Apparently when YouTube's big content partners are offered the choice between pulling copyrighted content that a member has uploaded, or serving adverts on it, 90% of the time they choose to keep it up with adverts - ie they prefer to profit from that 'infringing' content than act against it.

With this in mind, the AP news report MySpace has signed a deal with Viacom to let members repost Comedy Central and MTV Networks video, such as The Daily Show (below) and share the ad revenues with MySpace.

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In case anyone thinks this news story was largely an excuse to post a Daily Show clip, well, after a near year mesmerised by The Huff, poll trackers, election blogs, middle of the night primary counts and presidential debates for an election I can't even vote in, with a final 24-hours of breath-holding, I can only answer with this cheese-fest from Ultimate Improv:

For those wanting to watch the results online, the Guardian has a good list of links and an excellent roundup of some of the key TV moments, cut and tracked by YouTube users.