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Top Celebrities and Politicians Come Together for Green Shoot in London

From PR Rachel:


Gordon, Tony and Boris lead CEO and celebrity support in new viral sensation supporting climate action 

Shoot the Company are leading the way in green filmmaking with their new viral created to celebrate the anniversary of Together ( – the UK’s biggest climate campaign. The London-based production company made the commitment to produce the video with the lowest possible carbon foot print.

Shoot the Company shot the video in just two weeks, travelling in between locations on public transport and using natural light to illuminate their handy work. The company minimised energy output by pooling resources and crews with contributors such as Sky and The Premier League.

The innovative project brought together celebrities as well as leading figures in business and politics to urge public action on climate change. The filmmakers worked together with the campaign to secure the support of celebrities and politicians including Gordon Brown, Boris Johnson, Tony Blair, Claudia Schiffer, June Sarpong and David James.  

The star-studded video can be viewed at and has already amassed over 150,000 views in the first week of its release. Tom Hillier, Director of Shoot the Company explains the importance of their green filmmaking credentials: 

“The Together campaign is all about small actions making a big difference and we were committed to that ethos. This shoot certainly kept us fit – we kept our crew to a minimum and lugged the kit across London and beyond on public transport. All the talent involved were very genial and generous with their time.” 

Tom Gribbin, Campaign Manager of Together adds:

“The dedication and vision of Shoot the Company was instrumental in the success of this viral. Their green credentials were important part of our selection process and they did a remarkable job ensuring that their commitment to minimise their carbon footprint was met. We are exploring an adaptation following the success of the UK viral to launch our ground-breaking campaign on the other side of the Atlantic next month featuring well known US figures and celebrities.”