This page is over 10 years old. Some things have changed since then.

Studio Beyond Launch May 25th: A Groundbreaking Concept For The Movie making World

Like many successful businesses, Studio Beyond was created to solve a problem. In Hollywood, there are often significant barriers for film makers who often find themselves unable to tap into Hollywood resources.

Since Hollywood is a giant business oriented towards making ‘safe’ decisions, it favors cautious choices, tending to use ‘proven’ people to work with (actors, directors, producers, editors, etc.). While this low-risk approach is understandable, it is not always the ideal way to put together the most creative or profitable product. 


To address this, Studio Beyond designed an online vehicle that facilitates an open exchange of ideas and talents throughout the entire movie making community.  By doing so, Studio Beyond ensures that opportunities can open up to literally everyone in the movie and TV industry, not just a chosen few.

The user-friendly (yet technically sophisticated) Studio Beyond virtual experience has taken into account the needs of everyone in the film industry, bringing it all together in an online, virtual 'Movie Studio’.

Through the ‘Movie Studio”, writers and directors can showcase their work, Casting and Talent Agencies can discover new talent, Composers can licence their music scores, while Distributors and Sales Agents can search for movies available for distribution and sale.

Producers can search for new scripts, talent, funding, co-production deals, product placement, while press can search for new stories, upcoming releases. Press can even attend press screenings in their own Vrtual Office.

While there are other sites that do ‘bits and pieces’ of what Studio Beyond has to offer, no one else has managed to pull all aspects of the film industry together in such a dramatic way before,

For example, the Movie City has a whopping eight screens in 3D on the top of each building which are designed to offer its members a vibrant promotional platform to showcase their projects, trailers, stills etc.

Equally, the ground-breaking Members’ only Virtual office has its own screen and is equipped with unique tools giving Content Creators barrier- free access to Industry Executives, Film Financiers, and Sales Agent etc.

But all these easy-to-use features didn’t get created overnight.

When Studio Beyond CEO Jasmin Prosser decided to create her breakthrough online filmmaking concept, IT experts in London, France and New York all said that the project was too ambitious. After a long search, Prosser finally found an IT company willing to accept the technical challenge (i.e. creating buildings that serve as browsers and having eight screens that work simultaneously). 

And the rest is history. 

The story behind Studio behind is the story of a dream combined with grit and determination.  The exact combination from which many a Hollywood legend has been made!   

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