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Mounties Monitor Murder Movie

Mounties always get their manCanadian Mounties, known by reputation that they "always get their man," are monitoring a website promoting a movie based on accused serial killer Robert Pickton. The families of several women who disappeared from Vancouver's downtown Eastside were told about the film in January. Since then the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has been checking the website to determine if any laws are being broken.

Sergeant John Ward of the RCMP says 55-year old Pickton, who's facing 26 counts of first-degree murder, has not been convicted of anything. “Well, certainly, our concern is about the publication ban,” Ward said. “Until we can determine that there is in fact something, it's very difficult to even start thinking about breach of the publication ban."

Ward says it doesn't appear the American-made film has been released, but if it surfaces, police will buy a copy as part of their investigation.