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More4 Creates Virtual Pub Quiz

More4 launched a brand new online pub quiz on March 20th, held in virtual pub The More4 Arms. The game will allow players to pit their knowledge against four of the channels most famous faces – Jon Snow, Tony Robinson, David Starkey and Kevin McCloud – at the presenter’s specialist subjects. All four will also be seen in The More4 Arms bar, where a pub blackboard promotes upcoming programmes and seasons.

There will be a number of other quizzes across a range of topics, including a clip-based round on More4 programmes, which offers players the chance to win prizes, get their name on the scoreboard and challenge friends to compete.

The virtual pub quiz will be launched by a brand new trail featuring Jon Snow, Tony Robinson, David Starkey and Kevin McCloud – a sequel to the 2007 original trail that saw the four thrashing all comers in a real pub quiz. The new trail sees them banned from the local quiz but returning, decked out in disguise, to sneak their way back in.

Rosalind Godber, Marketing Executive for More4, said “The More4 pub quiz brings together the mix of intelligent content and entertainment that you’d expect from More4. We were so pleased that the channel’s talent wanted to get involved again, it’s been a lot of fun in the making.”

The pub quiz was created by 4Creative and Frankie & Jonny.

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