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David Holroyd's MI6 thriller WMD premieres at CineCity and Daily Motion simultaneously

wmd2.jpgDavid Holroyd's independent British thriller WMD, produced by Netribution member Christine Hartland , is to receive its online world premiere on Daily Motion simultaneously to its screening at the Brighton CineCity Film Festival. It is part of a campaign to promote and sell the film which is utilising every digital option.

"We are hoping that you, as someone who enjoys film and cares about the issues in wmd., will honour our decision to [release film free online] and hopefully pay (at least once) for the chance to see it"
The filmmakers
Filming began in January this year on the story of Alex Morgan, an  MI6 desk officer who uncovers critical inaccuracies in the evidence being used by politicians to justify the imminent invasion of Iraq and attempted to expose the truth. Written after extensive research and filmed on surveillance, CCTV and home video cameras, ‘WMD’ is a fictional account inspired by real events, aiming to show what intelligence circles really knew in the build-up for the recent Iraq war. The film was shot in London, Rome, Berlin, Washington DC and Morocco.

With the massive online success of films such as Loose Change, Four Eyed Monsters and Zeitgeist Addendum the filmmakers are hoping to get a level of exposure for the film previously unheard of for a micro-budget, self-distributed feature.

You can watch the film exclusively on Dailymotion from 6th to 8th December. You can also apparently buy the film from the WMD website and Amazon, although links did not work at time of writing. The filmmakers intend to donate some of the proceeds to the WarChild charity.

From the WMD website:

'We know they're there'—so said the Bush administration about Iraq’s WMDs. Yet now we know nothing was there, and little doubt exists that our governments manipulated facts and misled ordinary people in order to justify invading Iraq. Our leaders’ behaviour since those early days only demonstrates a clear desire to hide away the truth in hope that we will forget. The danger that democratically elected leaders can - and if unchecked will - use their influence for unjustifiable ends is one that ordinary people have had to guard against throughout history. Today is no different.

We feel strongly that the lessons from Iraq should be spread as widely as possible. Therefore, rather than distribute our film through traditional channels, we are leveraging the power of digital distribution first in order to reach as many people as possible. This poses clear risks--not least among them piracy--so we are hoping that you, as someone who enjoys film and cares about the issues in wmd., will honour our decision to take a vanguard approach and hopefully pay (at least once) for the chance to see it.

In case you need another reason to buy, we will be donating some proceeds to War Child, a charity set up to work with children affected, in part, by the war in Iraq.

Oh, and it you still need a reason, some of the money might actually find its way back to the good people that made this know, so they can eat and pay rent, and hopefully make more films...

Thank you.

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