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Big Art Mob collects images of public art across the UK

louiusebourgeoise by Arkangel from C4 MobiA new public art ‘mobile blogging' website - called the Big Art Mob - is now live. The site at is designed to build a web-based resource and community ahead of next year's Big Art Project television series on Channel 4 and with a life well beyond the broadcast.

[‘Mobile blogging' involves sending photos, text and other media direct from your mobile phone to appear within seconds on a widely accessible website.]

The Big Art Mob invites people to help make the UK's first comprehensive map of public art by sending photos (and text, video or audio, if they so desire) to do with public art straight from their mobile phones. Using a combination of Google Maps, a geo-coding facility  and ‘tags' (i.e. labels/keywords - created by the senders and viewers alike), these photos and moblog ‘posts' will collectively form an interactive map to celebrate and preserve the country's wealth of public art.

But what is ‘public art'? It's up to the users to interpret and decide, which is half the fun of it. How far does it extend beyond the sculptures and statues that first come to mind? does graffiti count? does it have to be inanimate? The Big Art Mob is intended to encourage enjoyable discussion about the nature and definition of public art - from figurative sculpture through to architectural and digital to street art.

[Ed note: - This is from Holler. There's a Turbine Hall load of photos here, tho browsing is a bit basic at the moment, but worth a look - be good to know what the copyright status on the images is too because if it was Creative Commons this would be a GREAT resource)




0 # Guest 2007-11-20 23:00
It is indeed Creative Commons (the good old Attribution Non-commercial Sharealike) - see Terms & Conditions in Help section of
0 # Nic Wistreich 2007-11-20 23:09
That's good news.. thanks for the update. Now if only they'd apply the same license to the Creative Archive... (and updated it!)
0 # Guest 2007-11-22 14:38
That, I'm afraid, is more of a BBC thing and something of a Kafkaesque task...
0 # Nic Wistreich 2007-11-22 15:03
I did noticed this at the bottom of each page:

"powered by moblog technology - 2007 © Channel 4 Television Corporation"

how about putting a CC logo so people know they can reuse the goodies (and that people may reuse theirs?). Just speaking as someone who spent hours searching the Flickr CC-NC pool for images of Cinemas around the world for our front page..
0 # Guest 2007-11-23 18:38
CC logos are on their way (we've got a new release of the Big Art Mob in around a week's time) - great new Home screen among the developments, plus a knock-out WAP site so that the project closes that mythical circle of TV > Web > Real-life > Mobile in a really effective, pretty much unique way :-)