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The World's 'first free movie' is revealed!

Award winning film makers reveal plans for a movie which can be watch-for-free anytime, anyplace, anywhere on-line and off-line.

Bournemouth based BAFTA nominated Writer - Director, Tim Clague, reveals plans to shoot Circumference, the world's first movie funded by advertising, with the launch of the films promotional conceptual web site.

The modern day seaside romance about a British salesman will be available in 2008 and will be the world’s first watch-for-free movie.  Film fans will be able to download, copy, share, upload, stream or duplicate the movie without any charges by logging on to the film website or clicking on to the planned IPTV station or iTune site.  Alternatively free DVD cover disc will be given away with major nation newspapers and in stores to ensure that no one pays to watch the film.

Audiences are declining.  Cinema admissions were down by 3.9% in 20051 and ITV’s audience share is at an all-time low for 2006 at 19.6%2.  With the rise of free on-line user generated entertainment, Circumference will be the first high quality movie financed from advertising and sponsorship available without charge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  “Why wait for your favourite film to come onto TV or pay for an expensive cinema trip when you could watch Circumference for free!”, comments the movie’s Director, Tim Clague, “The old methods of financing entertainment are outdated, we need new business plans which will inspire a new generation to watch film”.

The search for top businesses who wish to star in the movie. “The adverts are part of the story, they are part of a salesman’s life, so they are just as important as the cast”, explains the film’s producer Adam J Merrifield. “We need businesses who want to make motion picture history”.  The narrative of Circumference includes adverts which will be sold to generate the finance for the production.

The movie will be shot using the latest HD digital technology to ensure that whether you watch on-line or off-line you will experience cinematic quality.  To promote the movie the team have created a website where you can register to be among the first to see the free movie when it is released.  Click on to for more information.