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Ritchie Ditches Gangster Flicks For Kids Films


Film director Guy Ritchie and his wife, singer MadonnaGuy Ritchie is now reportedly turning his back on gangster movies to make children's films, following in the footsteps of his wife Madonna, who released a series of children's books based on Kabbalah teachings.


Ritchie says he also wants to focus on entertaining youngsters.

He said: "Just because I've got kids, by default, I end up watching so many kids' movies that they've inspired me."

Ritchie,  who has a five-year-old son Rocco with Madonna and is step-father to her daughter Lourdes. He shot to fame after directing British gangster movies 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' and 'Snatch'.

Last weekend the filmmaker gave a master class at the Film for Youth Festival in Belfast and working with children is reported to have made him determined to ditch violent films for a more innocent subject matter.

However, just last week it was also reported that the 37-year-old director has signed a deal with Columbia Pictures to direct gangster comedy 'Static'. Columbia bosses have asked Ritchie to rewrite the script and direct the story of a wrongly imprisoned gangster who is desperate to prove his innocence.