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New Producers Alliance Shuts Down

A sad day for British film - the New Producers Alliance, lynchpin of the UK independent film world over the past two decades, and long term friend and supporter of Netribution, has closed its doors. They ceased trading a week ago, blaming the recession and increased competition for training. Indeed it was the NPA's producer training that was responsible for me incorporating not only Netribution Ltd, but Spirit Level Cinema Ltd.

To get a grasp of why there were important, click to read Tom Fogg's interview with former NPA CEO David Castro (now at Screen South), Kevin Dolan (now at Film London) and Rachel Caplan (now running the San Francisco Green Film Fest) from 2000. Below is the full announcement from them:

"It is with great regret that the Executive Committee and Trustees announce that the New Producers Alliance ceased trading on the 8th March 2010. The recession and increased competition for training have contributed to a loss of membership income which, having taken professional advice, has left the directors of the two companies with no option but to close.

"The NPA has been a valued and respected resource for independent filmmakers since its inception in November 1992 and has provided help, advice and assistance to over 10,000 producers, directors and writers over the years. The NPA has attracted a membership of many energetic people, passionate about their projects, embodying the independent spirit. Some of these were members on their way to achieving great things. But there have been countless other great moments, such as learning a trick or two at a training event, meeting a new collaborator at NPA networking event or button-holing someone you admire at one of our panels or a business breakfast.

"The Executive committee and Trustees applaud all our members, past and present: long may our filmmakers thrive. We would also like to thank the many companies, organisations and individuals who have supported the NPA in the past. Special thanks too to all the hard-working staff and volunteers who have made unique contributions.

"If you have any comments or memories that you wish to send us, we have set up an email address:

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+1 # RE: New Producers Alliance Shuts DownGuest 2010-03-17 01:32
oh Nick - this makes me so sad! Thanks for all your support along the way.
+1 # Talent Development ManagerGuest 2010-03-17 10:28
thank you for all your support Nic, throught the years, this is a very sad day, i remember with affection my time at NPA and owe her a great deal!
0 # RE: New Producers Alliance Shuts DownNic Wistreich 2010-03-18 21:27
Great to hear from you both! Sorry it's under such circumstances.

It was a real shock - after I got the email I was expecting another to come telling me it was a hoax.

I remember when we did that interview, the NPA was as central to the indie film world here as Cannes and arguments about whether you need to go to film school or not.
+1 # A sad day...Guest 2010-03-21 18:08
A sad day indeed, Nicol, to hear of this..... such an important first-entry into the business for many.
+1 # A disaster!Karel Bata 2010-03-23 13:04
This is disastrous news. Many of the NPA's courses were vital for upcoming producers. I learnt so much and made so many useful contacts through the NPA. What can fill the void..?
0 # mrGuest 2010-07-25 11:16
It is sad that NPA is closing down. I rememeber when it started and alongside raindance festival in london, it inspired me to make my first 35mm short. I am a busy actor these days, but still write professionally. Making independent movies always seems and is like climbing a mountain, and getting people togther for little or no money for a project seems daunting. the NPA gave us then a place and a kind of infrastructure to find like minded people with a passion.
When so many people applaud British actors and movies around the world, it is a shame we as a nation can't find funding for such an inspiring and functional entity such as the NPA.
0 # mrGuest 2010-07-25 11:29
I remember when the NPA first started. I saw a screening of Lock stock and two smoking barrels, and thought hey these guys are cool. They made a movie which was brilliant.
its a place where filmakers, actors, producers, writers can network. Getting a film made,short or feature length, is incredibly daunting. NPA created a place and infrastrucrure where you could meet like minded people and make a movie.
In a country known worldwide for its quality actors and films. It is a shame financial support is not forthcoming.And in time of recesion support them even more.