This page is over 10 years old. Some things have changed since then.

Welsh Students Get FFresh Each February

james macgregorFfresh is the annual film showcase  attended by students and lecturers of the moving image, as well as industry players who could boost or kick-start careers outsde the walls of Welsh academia.

Ffresh Chair Maggie Russell,Head of Talent for BBC Wales spelt out the opportunity the showcase presents.

“Ffresh is a really exciting opportunity for students to get up close and personal with the industry.”
Held in the seaside town of Aberystwyth, Ffresh was set up in 2002 following a drive by a  tutors to establish an event allowing discussion and debate as well as a healthy competition between the colleges and universities offering moving images courses in Wales.

Sgrin Cymru Wales took over the role of establishing and coordinating the event in 2002 and swiftly organised a committee of advisors and set about raising funding for the 2-day event.

The festival takes now place annually at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre, a state of the art venue on the West Coast of Wales, this year offering 200 screenings.

Since its inception on 2002 the Festival has grown in stature and the awards presented have also become significant indicators of the best talent each year in the categories presented.

As well as eleven awards, the festival offers a chance to hear from industry practitioners and presents valuable networking opportunities.

Ffresh Award Categories 2006

  • Animation
    Any animated film utilising 2D, stop motion, CGI or live action techniques or a mix of some or all techniques. Showreels are accepted for consideration in the craft award.
  • Music Media
    Music videos and other music related media will be considered (i.e. band websites)
  • Interactive Media
    Any examples of websites, CD-Roms, games, edutainment, infotainments or interactive art are accepted.
  • Factual
    Any non-fiction production, includes current affairs and documentary.
  • Fiction
    Any fictional production created on film, video or interactive ficiton. No longer than 30 minutes in length.
  • Short Shorts
    Any fictional production on film or video up to 3 minutes in length.
  • Welsh Language
    Any production that is in the Welsh language is accepted, this includes fiction, factual, animation and interactive media.
  • Promos and Stings
    Any promotional stings, adverts and programme or channel idents are accepted. Time limit – 60 seconds. Showreels are not accepted.
  • TV
    Any production made specifically for tv, includes factual entertainment, entertainment, comedy, news items, children’s programmes and studio programees. Documentaries are not accepted.
  • NAHEMI Best of Festival Award
    The Best of Festival Award Winner will be chosen from amongst the winners of all the other categories.
  • Audience Award
    The festival delegates and visitors to the Ffresh website will be the ones voting for the winner of this award. All competitors are eligible. Voting closes at 20:30 on Friday the 17th February.

Skillset Cymru are offering the winner of the Audience Award £500 towards a training course of their choice and £100 towards the cost of a one-to-one advice session by a Skillset Professional Advisor and travelling costs (£100 to cover both).