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Ewan McGregor Heads Live! Ammunition panel

ewan macgregor Live! Ammunition is Raindance’s now-legendary pitching event where your idea for a movie can be heard by the people who matter. Where else would you have the undivided attention of not just one, but FIVE people who could help get your film made? This year that illustrious crowd includes Ewan McGregor, NFTS head Nik Powell and UK Film Council Premiere Fund head Sally Caplan.

To pitch, just drop a fiver in the hat and the floor is yours. You have up to two minutes to convince the panellists to read your script or make your film. They can and will gong you off if you are boring. The best pitch will win all the money in the hat, and, who knows, could be picked up for development.

They have an extraordinary line-up this year for our Festival Live!Ammo! Special. Confirmed panellists so far:

Ewan McGregor
is one of Britain’s biggest acting talents, and his incredible career spans arthouse and indie flicks, Hollywood blockbusters, musicals and theatre.

Nik Powell has produced a raft of great British movies including the Oscar-nominated MONA LISA and LITTLE VOICE and Oscar-winning THE CRYING GAME.

Sally Caplan is head of the UK Film Council’s Premier Fund, and as such has an annual budget of £8m to help in the production of British films.

Davide Scalenghe manages the Viewer Created Content Outreach Department at Al Gore’s Current TV, meaning he can get your film seen by millions online.

Malcolm Gerrie has over 25 years worth of experience as a producer and is currently Head of Whizz Kid TV

About Raindance Film Festival

Raindance is the UK’s largest independent film festival, showcasing shorts and features from around the world and specialising in directorial debuts. Distinguishing itself from other festivals with its swaggering rock and roll attitude, Raindance runs riot in the West End of London each September/October.

As well as showing independent films from around the world, it hosts a number of special events. This year sees 26 events in 13 days, including Q&A sessions with Ken Loach (director: KES, MY NAME IS JOE, THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY), Michael Madsen (actor: RESERVOIR DOGS, KILL BILL, BEING MICHAEL MADSEN), Roger Pratt (DoP: BRAZIL, TWELVE MONKEYS, CHOCOLAT, HARRY POTTER), Anthony Dod Mantle (Cinematographer: FESTEN, 28 DAYS LATER, THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND) and Mick Jones of the Clash; Live!Ammunition!, its renowned pitching event where you could end up selling your idea to a movie exec; masterclasses, panel discussions, quizzes and, of course, parties.

In 1993, its first year, Raindance hosted 22 features and 65 short films, and attracted 1300 attendees. For closing night they screened What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?, starring Johnny Depp and featuring the film debut of a 14-year-old Leonardo Di Caprio.

In the following years Raindance premiered, among others, Pulp Fiction, The Blair Witch Project and Memento. This year, Raindance’s 15th, the festival is showcasing over 70 features and 100 shorts from over 40 countries, and attendance is expected to be in excess of 10 000.

Trying to keep up with all those screenings is an impressive jury including Iggy Pop, Andrea Arnold, Sandy Lieberson, Tessa Ross and Mick Jones.



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