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Edinburgh video previews : Shirley Clarke, Mirrorball docs and Hannah's picks

edfilmfestlogo.jpg With less than a fortnight until Edinburgh Film Festival gets underway, the big question lingers - will the move to June work? On the one hand, Edinburgh in August is an invigorating and inspiring place, and set the film festival within a richer cultural backdrop than Cannes or Sundance could ever offer. On the other, Edinburgh's a special city any time of the year, and with the place much quieter in June, festival delegates may keep together much more, creating a more intimate atmosphere, with the Filmhouse supposedly licensed until 3am.

Either way, the programme seems to not have suffered, as the following three video previews suggest:

Mirrorball docs: Gorillaz , Lee Scartch Perry, Arthur Russell and Pati Smith

Shirley Clarke Retrospective

Hannah McGill's highlights : 'most of them star Ben Kingsley'