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Cannes in a Van - the other festival - seeking sponsors

CANNES in a VAN ( - who brought Franny Armstron'g landmark Age of Stupid to the festival last year, from the back of a transit - is returning to Cannes and is looking for spponsors. More info from CIAV's Sam Clements below:

Cannes in a Van, the four-wheeled film festival, has come up with an innovative way to fund this year's trip to Cannes in May. Their plan is to secure sponsorship on a daily basis for the duration of the festival from a variety of different companies. They are calling it The Cannes in a Van Daily Sponsor Scheme.

'A broad selection of independent film' The Times

After being hit by the recession and the lack of sponsorship led to a self-funded trip last year, co-creator Andy Greenhouse decided things could be done differently, which led to the unique concept of daily sponsors, who, for a small fee will see their company name, film title or product promoted across Cannes in a Van's online content, tweets, branding, international coverage and van livery, for one designated day during the Cannes Film Festival. "It's a way of injecting a bit of fun into sponsorship and funding the trip at the same time", Andy says.

'They call this vehicle of dreams... 'Cannes in a Van' - Mark Kermode, The Culture Show



The Daily Sponsor Scheme is open to all, whether a London-based film company or a Sausage factory in Norfolk. All they need to provide is a hi-res logo, van livery (magnetic) and £250. For the set fee, they will invite international attention during the festival through branded online content (video diaries / interviews / festival coverage), screen branding, sponsored tweets and any press coverage Cannes in a Van receives that day. Then, when morning breaks, a new sponsor takes over... simple.

It's a bit of a lottery as to the extent of press coverage a company will receive that day, but it injects a bit of fun into sponsorship while providing Cannes in a Van with the funds to carry on supporting filmmakers... and for companies, a low-cost, low-risk channel of unique advertising.

Daily Sponsor Scheme enquiries should be directed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

'For anyone out there in short-film-land contemplating submitting to Cannes in a Van this year, my advice is... DO IT! To stroll down the street in Cannes and see your film being screened to thousands of passers-by is such a great feeling.'

 Tim Smith, director


A non-profit venture, the world's smallest mobile cinema meets the industry's biggest film festival, as - from the back of a van, the CiaV crew and a projector, screen almost a hundred selected films, from BAFTA award-winners and feature-length movies, to low-budget independent short-films. In 2009 alone, Cannes in a Van brought Franny Armstrong's eco-epic The Age of Stupid to the Croisette. Showing the entire feature from their veg-oil-powered Transit van, it was a very special advance screening, together with a Q&A from the film's producer Lizzie Gillett. In 2009 CiaV also screened the BAFTA-winning short September directed by Esther May Campbell, as well as a host of independent films from across the globe and various festival reels from the UK. Another highlight was Hollywood actor Giovanni Ribisi mentioning Cannes in a Van during an interview.

Now for 2010, with more online content than ever before, this year's Cannes in a Van will be bigger than ever, with some great films already confirmed (press release to follow).

So far confirmed for the Cannes in a Van 2010 film selection are the BAFTA award-winning Mother of Many & I Do Air and a screening of the acclaimed independent feature,

Colin, which secured a distribution deal during last year's festival.

For further information, please contact: Andy Greenhouse e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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